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Course Title:  Automated Communications Electronics Software (ACES)/Joint Automated Communications Electronics Operating Instructions (CEOI) System (JACS) Course
Course Number:   4C-F66/260-F21
Company: Charlie Company
College:  Cyber Leader College (CLC)
Division:  Cyber-Electro-Magnetic Activity (CEMA) Division
Status Change Date:  July 2012
Training site: USASCoE&FG, Fort Gordon, GA
Length:  2 weeks, 80 Academic Hours
Managed: Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)
Prerequisites:   None

Purpose:  Provides helps with COMSEC keying, information key tags and signal operating instructions development. The third major system is the Tactical Internet Management System (TIMS) that is part of the Joint Battle Command-Platform (JBC-P) friendly and enemy force tracking and messaging system. TIMS displays blue situational awareness icons generated by radio-based systems that report their geospatial position via position location information multicast messages.

Course Scope:  Instruction in the use of enhanced automated functions of ACES/JACS for cryptonet management, engineering, generation, distribution of CEOI/SOI and Electronic-Protect (EP) fill data for combat net radio operations, Data Transfer Device (DTD) application software user functions, export/import vertical ACES/JACS data to Standard Frequency Action Format (SFAF), and Tactical Satellite (TACSAT) frequency assignments.


Course Structure:

a. This course is structured in phases, modules and lessons as provided.

Narrative Description: The 4C-F66/260-F21 ACES/JACS course consist of the following Modules: System Fundamentals, Master Net List (MNL), Resource Manager, Signal Operating Instructions (SOI), Loading Peripheral Equipment and ACES/JACS Capstone Exercise.

b. A listing of all lessons by modules


Module A:  System Fundamentals (5 Academic Hours)

Provides an introduction to the Automated Communications Electronics Software (ACES)/Joint Automated Communications Electronics Operating Instructions (CEOI) System (JACS) related data structures, and menu functions. The students will be taught to initialize the ACES/JACS software application. This Module contains a total of 5 academic hours consisting of 3.7 hours of Conference and 1.3 hours of Demonstration/performance.

Module B: Master Net List (MNL) (20.5 Academic Hours)

Provides instruction on developing network structures supporting missions and plans, creating and editing a Master Net List (MNL), creating platforms and adding equipment, creating and assigning key tags, creating a Standard Frequency Action Format (SFAF) proposal, transferring files, and importing/exporting a MNL using ACES/JACS software. This Module contains a total of 20.5 academic hours consisting of 4.2 hours of conference, 6.5 hours of demonstration/performance and 9.8 hours of hands on Practical exercises.

Module C: Resource Manager (10.5 Academic Hours)

Provides instruction on creating, editing, importing, organizing, and deleting frequency resources using the ACES/JACS Resource Manager module. This module contains 10.5 academic hours consisting of 6 hours of hands on Practical exercises, 2.9 hours of demonstration/performance and 1.6 hours of Conference.


Module D: Signal Operating Instructions (SOI) (21 Academic Hours)

Provides instruction on generating hopsets and manually creating loadsets, creating and updating SOI extracts and editions to include: smoke/pyro, sign/countersign, running call word, suffix/expander, frequency assignments, SINCGARS Net ID, and call sign. This module contains 21 academic hours consisting of 9 hours of hands on Practical exercises, 7.2 hours of demonstration/performance and 4.8 hours of conference.

Module E: Loading Peripheral Equipment (16.5 Academic Hours)

Provides instruction on initializing a data transfer device (DTD), downloading SOI data from an ACES/JACS Workstation to a DTD, and loading a SINCGARS radio using a DTD. This module contains 16.5 academic hours consisting of 8.9 hours of demonstration/performance, 5.6 hours of hands on practical exercises and 1.2 hours of conference.

Module F: ACES/JACS Pretest Review and Examination (6.5 Administrative Hours)

Provides an evaluation on ability to prepare a CEOI, download SOI data from an ACES workstation to a DTD, load a SINCGARS radio utilizing a DTD with CT3 software, and publishing a CEOI. This module contains 6.5 academic hours consisting of 4.5 hours of performance test, 1.6 hours of test review and .4 hours of conference.


Course Map:

Automated Communications Electronics Software (ACES)/Joint Automated Communications Electronics Operating Instructions (CEOI) System (JACS) Course


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