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Objective of this lab is to configure and understand an interior routing protocol. Short for Open Shortest Path First, an interior gateway routing protocol developed for IP networks based on the shortest path first or link-state algorithm. Routers use link-state algorithms to send routing information to all nodes in an internetwork by calculating the shortest path to each node based on topography of the Internet constructed by each node.


The objective of this lab is to gain an understanding on how to create a cable and test functionality following TIA/EIA 568A and 568B wiring standards.


The objective of this lab is to gain an understanding of the functionality of a Channel Service Unit / Data Service Unit (CSU/DSU) system employed within an Internet Protocol (IP) communications network.


A TACLANE (short for "Tactical FASTLANE" or Tactical Local Area Network Encryption) TACLANEs allow users to communicate securely over legacy networks such as the Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) packet network, Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet), Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), and emerging ATM networks. TACLANEs provide encryption for IP datagram traffic. ATM traffic and IP datagram’s are encapsulated in ATM cells to support a variety of IP, ATM, and mixed network configurations. TACLANEs can be used to overlay Secure Virtual Networks on top of existing public and/or private network infrastructures.


The objective of this lab is to use wireshark to analyze network traffic. Wireshark is the world's most popular network analyzer. It is a non-intrusive network analyze. This very powerful tool provides network and upper layer protocols information about data captured in a network. Like a lot of other network programs, Wireshark uses the packet capture network library to capture packets.


Objective to learn how to configure routing protocols on a network of routers. Protocols to be used include OSPF and BGP. The lab will also cover the interaction between protocols; using access lists, filtering, and redistribution. The documentation CD has been loaded on all of the workstations. Use it to get detailed explanations of commands and configurations.





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  • Mission
    The 442d Signal Battalion provides quality, standards-based training and education across all training domains IOT develop signal leaders with the competence, confidence and agility to employ command and control systems in support of full spectrum operations.
  • Vision
    The 442d Signal Battalion effectively leverages all LOOs (Training Development, Training Execution and Team Building) in order to apply synergistic effects on the development and execution of quality, standards-based, training and education that produces signal leaders who.
  • Warrior Ethos
    Embody the Warrior Ethos and the 7 Army Values.
  • Command and Control
    Are confident in their ability to build and lead teams
  • Tactical Operations
    Are tactically and technically competent in the employment of command and control systems within a JIIM environment ISO Full Spectrum Operations.
  • Critical Role
    Understand their critical role as lifelong learners and trainers across all training domains - Institutional, Operational and Self Development.
  • Knowledge
    Have the mental agility to operate across the full spectrum of conflict
  • Take A Stand
    U.S. Army Solider



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