Distinctive Unit Insignia

551st Signal Battalion
Patriots   Watch and Warn!

551st Signal Battalion
Patriots   Watch and Warn!

Satellite Systems Network Coordinator (ASI 1C for 25S)

Additional Skill Identifier

A selected few Satellite Communications Systems Operator/Maintainer Soldiers may be eligible to attend the 18 week Satellite Systems/Network Coordinator Course.  This highly demanding and technically challenging course teaches graduates the extended skill sets necessary to monitor and control joint military communications on a global scale.

ASI 1C Satellite Systems Network Coordinator skills

Helpful attributes include:

25S1C ASI Graduation
25S1C Graduation 

Contact Information

ASI 1C Course: (706)791-2482

25S AIT - Satellite Communication Course contact number:
NCOIC Office: (706)791-7315
Operations Office: (706)791-7524 or 0195

For all numbers listed DSN = 312-780-XXXX