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Futures Experimentation

One of the critical functions executed by the U.S. Army’s Network Battle Laboratory Facility is the on-going research, analysis and experimentation  which support the definition of new Future concepts and technologies. The Network Battle Lab is the DoD proponent for the analysis and experimentation of new Future C4 concepts and technologies. The analysis of Future concepts and technologies includes the execution of three (3) goals.

The first goal is to provide Future Experimentation support to all TRADOC battle laboratories and proponents.

The second goal is to execute battle command and branch proponent experimentation, technology assessments and insertions activities.

The third goal is to provide risk mitigation analysis for U.S. Army Acquisition Program Managers. Over the next ten (10) years, the U.S. Army will transform its Warfighting capabilities from large-scale deployable bridges of 4-6 thousand soldiers to smaller, highly automated, Stryker bridges of 2-3 thousand soldiers. This transformation of structures is driving the re-design of our Command, Control, Communication and Computer (C4) tactical doctrine. The Network Battle Lab is one of the DoD’s lead agencies appointed to execute the research, analysis and experimentation required to re-design current U.S. Army C4 concepts and technologies.

The U.S. Army Future is conceptually a Network Centric Enterprise in which success in combat is linked to the “goodness” of the network and the reliability of pertinent information getting to the right user at the right time. Network Battle Lab experimentation provides insights for Future Combat Systems and Future Issues including the Network. The Network Battle Lab is currently analyzing concepts and technologies to support the following Warfighting functions:

Exploring issues surrounding Joint Staff Information Dissemination Management;

Exploring application of 802.16 Wireless Devices in tactical deployment scenarios;

Exploring technologies to enhance visualization and management of Network Operations parameters;

Exploring the integration of advanced commercial satellite technology with legacy U.S. Army equipment;

Exploring the use of Network Battle Lab technology evaluation capabilities to support Home Land Defense initiatives.

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Last Update: June 18 2013