CDID Experimentation Division
Network Battle Lab - Gordon Facility

Fort Gordon, Georgia  30905
  Telephone: (706) 791 6672
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Battle Lab SatCom

One of the critical functions executed by the U.S. Army’s Experimentation Division Network Battle Laboratory Facility is to provide “live” experiments and technology assessments using commercial SATCOM technologies in the tactical environment. This function supports the analysis and rapid fielding of validated, innovative, C4 solutions for the Warfighter.

This function involves the execution of two (2) goals. The first goal is to deploy advanced communication networks to support the tactical Warfighter as well as to support live force play in exercises and demonstrations. The second goal is to provide the U.S. Army’s conduit for the rapid integration / fielding of advanced C4 technologies. As the U.S. Army expands its presence on battlefields around the world, the Warfighter’s need for reliable strategic communications from the battlefield back to the Pentagon has become one of the U.S. Army’s most important challenges. The Experimentation Division Network Battle Lab ’s Tactical SATCOM Enhancement function has evolved to meet this challenge”. The Experimentation Division Network Battle Lab is currently working towards the following objectives in this area:

Assessing the ability of emerging Ku / Ka SATCOM and antenna developments to enable affordable, broadband Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) Battle Command On-The-Move capability in the current force;

Determining doctrine, employment options, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Training concepts required to deliver the DOTMLPF solutions required to ensure successful technology insertion to the force.

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Last Update: June 18 2013