Chiefs of Signal

1880 - 1947    1947 - Present

Colonel Benjamin F. Fisher

1864 - 1866

Colonel Benjamin F. Fisher served as Chief Signal Officer from 26 December 1864 to 1866. This was during the time that Secretary of War Stanton had dismissed Myer from the position. Colonel Fisher re-designated the Signal bureau as Office of the Signal Corps in the City of Washington, D.C. From his appointment until the end of the Civil War, Fisher served as Executive Officer of the Signal Corps.


When Fisher assumed the post, there were one hundred and sixty-eight commissioned officers in the Corps and over one thousand non-commissioned officers and privates. The Corps actively supported the Army's twelve detachments. By 20 October 1865, the Corps had completed its wartime mission and virtually had been discharged from the service of the United States. All that remained were nine officers and thirty-seven enlisted men in the Military Division of the Mississippi and fifteen officers and ninety-nine men in the Military Division of the Gulf.














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