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516th Signal Brigade public-affairs office

Take the following quiz to check and increase your computer-security awareness level. Answers are at the end of the quiz.

1. Army regulations require protection of_________ information.

a. classified
b. unclassified
c. all
d. sensitive

2. Army computer-security policy is to assure the confidentiality, integrity and _________ of information and information-dependent systems.

a. availability
b. modification
c. mode of operation
d. sensitivity

3. Four easy steps of virus protection: prevent, detect, eradicate and _________.

a. delete file
b. report
c. save the file as read only
d. sent out electronic mail telling everyone of the virus

4. Password do’s and don’ts: as a general rule, don’t _________ your passwords.

a. memorize
b. share
c. use eight alpha-numeric characters in
d. periodically change

5._________ of sensitive and classified information must be protected using approved encryption products.

a. Transmission
b. Protection
c. Compromise
d. Modification

6. Writeable media introduced into an information system assumes _________ classification resident on the system.

a. the same
b. the highest
c. the lowest
d. its own

7. Sensitive and classified information shall be safeguarded at all times while in information systems. Safeguards shall be applied so that such information is accessed only by authorized persons; is used only for its intended purpose; and retains its content integrity and _________.

a. is hand-carried
b. is locked in a safe
c. is marked properly
d. is password-protected

8. Overloading email servers and networks with large email attachments could be considered _________.

a. data destruction
b. denial of service
c. unauthorized modification of data
d. disclosure of information

9. You may not operate a government computer system unless it is _________.

a. plugged in
b. compromised
c. accredited
d. a and c

10. When copying and releasing media or data, make sure the intended recipients for the media have the proper clearance and _________.

a. need to know
b. category access
c. authentication
d. integrity

11. When downloading information over the Internet, users will _________ ALL downloaded information.

a. clear
b. execute
c. virus scan
d. sanitize

12. There are different kinds of threats to information systems. They are _________.

a. natural (such as fires, earthquakes or floods)
b. environmental (such as power outages or indoor sprinkler systems engaging)
c. human intentional and human unintentional
d. all of the above

13. If a security-related incident occurs (such as a system compromise or suspected computer virus), report the incident to your _________ immediately.

a. systems administrator
b. information-network manager
c. designated approving authority
d. information-system security officer

14. Deficiencies in security and controls of the various communications media used to transmit data between servers and network users represents what kind of vulnerability?_______________

a. network/communications
b. media
c. hardware
d. software

15. The two licensed Defense Department antivirus products are_________.

a. IBM and Norton
b. McAfee and IBM
c. McAfee and Norton
d. McAfee and Checkpoint

1: c 2: a 3: b
4: b 5: a 6: b
7: c 8: b 9: d
10: a 11: c 12: d
13: d 14: a 15: c

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