Army Communicator

Voice of the Signal Regiment

PB 11-00-3
Fall 2000
Vol. 25 No. 3

Fall 2000 Army Communicator coverThis edition features the Signal Regiment's involvement in operations, exercises, training and programs worldwide.


Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Guest columnist
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Circuit check
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Signals
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) TSM update



Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Focus on East Timor: U.S. Army's mission was communications support
Bill McPherson, Lisa Alley
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Signaleers support East Timor operation
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Prelude to bloodshed
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) 'The East Timor tapes'
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Thunderbird brigade overcomes challenges of East Timor
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Grecian Firebolt 2000: Army Signal Command sponsors Army's largest communications exercise
SFC Anthony Reed
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Signal units support Cobra Gold 2000
MAJ Justin Pickett
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Focus on multicomponent: National Guard's 142d Signal Brigade marks one year as multicompo Signal unit
SSG David Carney
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) A new way of doing things? 142d Signal Brigade paves path in first brigade multicomponent change of command
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Unit milestone marks 'new era in Active Component/Reserve Component training and communication integration' for Signal
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Multicomponent after one year: how's it working?
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) 58th Signal Battalion soldiers learn jungle skills with Marines
SFC Anthony Alessi
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Signal company learns field, urban terrain skills in field-training exercise
CPT Mark Mistal
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) The officer assignment process: separating fact from fiction
LTC Susan Lawrence
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) New technologies, new procedures in network security help Army Signal Command move from 'hasty defense' to 'deliberate defense'
LTC Marc Withers and MAJ Mike McNett
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Combating cyberwar: what can you do?
516th Signal Brigade public-affairs office
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Training with Industry: a year with General Dynamics Communication Systems
CPT Romeo Recchia
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Global Command-and-Control System-Army: the soldier's silent weapon
MAJ Fran Trentley and Hank Alau

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