Attack on America: the aftermath
The victims, the heroes, the national resolve, the rebuilding ... and the next step for the Army

by Lisa Alley

Ordinarily Army Communicator would not do this. After all, we only publish once a quarter and there�s such a long production cycle � "news" is impossible for us.

Nor is "news" our mission. Our mission is to professionally develop the Signal Regiment.

But perhaps we can be excused just this once, as gathering a picture of what happened to the Pentagon during the Sept. 11 terrorist attack is important. The "war" our leaders spoke about on national television isn�t over; it�s just beginning.

We saw the horrific video on the World Trade Center, and perhaps the Pentagon attack didn�t seem so bad in comparison. But we lost comrades-in-arms ... former military-academy classmates ... people we�d worked with over the course of our Army careers ... when the hijacked commercial airliner (American Airlines Flight 77), a Boeing 757, slammed into the west side of the Pentagon, near the heliport.

This and associated webpages contain glimpses of the Army's victims, our heroes and the steely resolve of our national leadership to rebuild and to require justice of our enemies.

Since the Pentagon was symbol and citadel of our national military strength, as well as home to our defense leadership, we�ve concentrated here on the attack on it. And since there is a long production cycle for this magazine, we realize some of the "news" information in it may be dated by the time you read this. But we�ve concentrated on the human element and not so much on the news, as a human face and a human story are always timely.

A note here: the missing-and-dead list numbers (125 for the Defense Department, 74 for the Army) are stated without deducting the people confirmed dead just before "press time." This is done to emphasize the slice-in-time in terms of the Army's human loss. However, the list of names is being updated on the unaccounted-for list with a status if confirmed killed in the Sept. 11 attack.

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