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Functional area officers may affiliate with Signal Regiment

As most of you know, the Army operates under a regimental system where each officer is affiliated with a particular regiment. Normally, an officer becomes affiliated with a regiment based on his/her basic branch.

The concept and structure of the regimental system serves as a backdrop for formulating other principles and symbols of heraldry which contribute to a soldier’s identification with his or her regiment or corps. Also, opportunities to serve recurring assignments within a regiment are increased through regimental affiliation.

Army Regulation 600-82 governs the Army regimental system.

As part of Officer Personnel Management System XXI’s implementation, AR 600-82 was changed to allow officers who are career-field designated into a functional area to affiliate with the regiment associated with that functional area. For example, FA 24 (information-systems engineering) and FA 53 (information-systems management) are aligned under the Signal Regiment. Therefore, officers who are CFD into FA 24 or FA 53 may request to affiliate with the Signal Regiment.

The best method for requesting regimental affiliation is to simply visit your local personnel-service center. See the officer records clerk who is responsible for maintaining your file and ask the clerk to make the appropriate change to your officer record brief. Once the clerk checks your CFD or single-track status, the change can be input locally, and the clerk can print you a new ORB showing your Signal Regiment affiliation.

Affiliating with the Signal Regiment doesn’t change your basic branch. However, once affiliated with the regiment, you would wear the Signal Regiment crest on the Class A, Class B (optional) and dress-blues uniforms.

Lastly, once you’ve affiliated with the Signal Regiment, let us know; the Signal Center will send you a regimental affiliation certificate. To notify us of your affiliation, email Include your name as you wish it on the certificate, your Social Security number and the address you want the certificate mailed to.

Point of contact is MAJ Alan Makowsky, FA 53 proponent manager, Office Chief of Signal, DSN 780-2267,

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Army Knowledge On-line is wave of the future

Army Knowledge On-line is the Army’s worldwide intranet. The vision for AKO is "to transform the institutional Army into an Information Age, networked organization that leverages its intellectual capital to better organize, train, equip and maintain a strategic land combat force."

Whether you realize it or not, AKO is going to become an important part of managing your Army career. This is already happening for some personnel and career-management functions.

Army Knowledge On-line homepage screenshot AKO homepage screenshot.

According to the Personnel Command website (, AKO "is rapidly moving to become the central repository for Army websites and access to secured information. … We’re currently using AKO for career-field designation and Command and Senior Service College preference statements submission via the web. In the very near future, you’ll no longer have to send away for a copy of your fiche; you’ll be able to view your file, including your photo, on-line."

In addition to this, PERSCOM plans to allow updates to some personnel data via AKO.

All soldiers – whether officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers or junior enlisted – should sign up for an AKO account. With your account, you get an email address that will follow you throughout your Army career, as well as give you access to the vast information resources and features of AKO.

The AKO account eliminates the need to change your email address every time you make a permanent-change-of-station move. It also ensures your career manager always has a current email address to send you important information.

To sign up for AKO, point your browser to and select the "I’m a new user" link.

Point of contact is MAJ Alan Makowsky, FA 53 proponent manager, Office Chief of Signal, DSN 780-2267,

Acronym QuickScan
AKO – Army Knowledge On-line
AR – Army regulation
CFD – career-field designated or designation
FA – functional area
ORB – officer record brief
PERSCOM – Personnel Command

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