CM   From To Signals    
GLU channel J5 P1-W P2-W Data in J3 P3 W43 cable
    P1-X P2-X      
Clock out   P1-B P2-B Clock in    
    P1-C P2-C      
DSVT channel   P1-AA P2-AA Data out    
    P1-BB P2-BB      
Data in   P1�q P2-q BSC    
    P1�z P2-z      
Subscriber 1   P1�EE -A XMT    
    P1�FF -B      
DVOW out   P1�s -C RCV J2 External subscriber A-box
    P1�DD -D      
Subscriber 2   P1�a -E XMT    
    P1�b -F      
DVOW in   P1�E -G RCV    
    P1�F -H      
Subscriber 3   P1�h -J XMT J11  
    P1�w -K      
    P1�M -L RCV    
    P1�g -M      

dividing rule

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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |