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AOT � In the advanced-individual-training environment, AOT is a training methodology used to train only MOS-critical tasks and skills necessary for the first unit of assignment. A soldier receives training in the MOS common core, which is training common to all soldiers and assignments within the MOS. After the soldier completes common core, he or she receives training in the technical �track� course, which provides the skills training his or her first unit of assignment requires.

After AIT, AOT means a soldier trains for subsequent assignments, when required, through lifelong learning. A soldier will be able to access the skills training required for him or her to contribute to their next unit of assignment�s successful mission accomplishment.

Lifelong learning � Lifelong learning is a conceptual approach to education and training that�s comprised of four tenets: AOT, the University of Information Technology�s resource center, simulations and virtual campuses. These components combine into a powerful educational system that engages all members of the Signal and information-technology force � including civilian employees � in learning wherever they�re located. It�s a total approach that includes instruction and materials delivered in synchronous and asynchronous modes, just-in-time, on-demand and adapted to students involved in formal school programs and courses as well as to practical day-to-day duties and activities.

UIT � UIT at the Signal Center is the organizational structure for delivering lifelong learning and training to our soldiers, leaders and units. It will be a combination of hardware, software, facilities, connectivity and people providing lifelong-learning materials, information and support that includes 24/7 reachback for the Signal and IT community � including Active and Reserve Components, other military services, joint commands and agencies, as well as alumni.

We expect UIT to facilitate and foster lifelong professional and personal relationships and to become the �home� university for Signal and IT soldiers, leaders and their families, including alumni. UIT will have the same responsibility for all students, regardless of their location, and it eliminates any differences between students located at Fort Gordon and other locations; all its students will be the same.

UIT�s components include colleges derived by transitioning the Signal Center and Fort Gordon schools to this status and establishing relationships with commercial training sites, units, armories and individual homes. The components also include relationships with academic and research organizations that are supporting UIT�s education-and-training needs.

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