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Grecian Firebolt 2002 tests interoperability in homeland-defense communications scenario

FORT MEADE, Md. � The largest peacetime communications exercise in the world, Grecian Firebolt 2002, was held June 15-30. This year�s exercise tested the communications piece of a homeland-defense scenario.

One of Army Signal Command�s Reserve units, 311th Theater Signal Command (headquartered here) was in charge of this year�s exercise. The exercise involved active and Reserve Army units, Army and Air National Guard units and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The exercise supported eight other major Reserve Component exercises spanning 32 U.S. sites and Puerto Rico. It tested interoperability among the Army, Air Force and FEMA�s mobile emergency-response communications teams.

From a 311th Theater Signal Command public-affairs office release. This year�s Grecian Firebolt coverage focuses on 280th Signal Battalion and the Army Reserve�s Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants Exercise, one of those �eight other major Reserve Component exercises.�

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FEMA � Federal Emergency Management Agency

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