Army Communicator

Voice of the Signal Regiment

PB 11-02-3
Fall 2002
Vol. 27 No. 3

Cover/special focus: Radio, the technology the Signal Corps introduced to the 20th-century battlefield, has an expanded use in the wireless environment of the 21st-century "cyberbattlefield."

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multicolored bullet Chief of Signal Comments
multicolored bullet Circuit check
multicolored bullet Doctrine update
multicolored bullet Pulse
multicolored bullet Signals
multicolored bullet Training update
multicolored bullet TSM update



multicolored bullet Non-traditional training for a wireless environment
LTC Bart Hill
multicolored bullet Frequency-modulation retransmission lessons-learned in Korea
CPT Michael Sohn and 1LT Thomas Martin
multicolored bullet Planning for the use of high-frequency radios in the brigade combat teams and other transformation Army organizations
David Fiedler
multicolored bullet Signal-planning fundamentals for field artillery
MAJ John Hinkel
multicolored bullet Special coverage: POLEX 2002 (part of Grecian Firebolt 2002)
Grecian Firebolt 2002 tests interoperability in homeland-defense communications scenario
311th Theater Signal Command public-affairs office
Company C Signaleers make the connection
SPC Derick Vance
Reserve troops step on-line with Army Knowledge On-line
SGT Brett McMillan
280th Signal Battalion provides commo at exercise
SSG Nate Orme
Signal sergeant squelches problems
SPC Derick Vance
Cisco academy offers high-tech skills to Army Reservists
SPC Jonathan Charles
multicolored bullet Signal Corps ... Signal Regiment ... Signal Corps Regimental Association -- what's the difference?
Amy Tuschen
multicolored bullet Recapitalization of tactical computer-automation systems
LTC Jerome Payne

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