Fast-tracking 74C to 74B: a wrapup

Defense Message System’s arrival this year means changes for military-occupation specialty 74C soldiers who work in telecommunications centers – about 80 percent of the MOS – since DMS is replacing the switch 74C soldiers operate. MOS 74B soldiers will operate DMS, and unit tables of distribution and allowances are being altered to reflect this.

So what happens to 74C soldiers? Anticipating this year, back in fiscal year 1999 personnel managers from Personnel Command’s Reclassification Management Branch and Enlisted Personnel Management Division Signal Branch, along with Enlisted Division of Office Chief of Signal, initiated a program called Fast Track to quickly identify specific soldiers and aid their reclassification to MOS 74B.

MOS 74C soldiers who met the MOS 74B prerequisites found in Army Regulation 611-201 and who were trained in DMS administration were eligible. Qualified soldiers were able to request reclassification through their local field-reclassification authority as an exception to policy. Soldiers granted reclassification were hand-managed to ensure they were scheduled for 74B advanced individual training.

This all came about because, as noted, DMS is replacing the telecommunications center in tactical organizations and the sustaining base. DMS provides electronic-mail service and so delivers messages directly to a recipient’s computer. Naturally this reduces the requirement for message handling that’s part of the 74C’s (record telecommunications operator-maintainer) skill set. On the other hand, since DMS is an email system that uses computer-based client-server processes, and these are part of the skills taught to MOS 74B, this increases the Army’s requirement for system administration – which is one of the 74B’s (information-systems operator-analyst) functions.

Some 74C soldiers had DMS administration training, since increased authorizations caused shortages in MOS 74B. DMS’ fielding was done without 74B soldiers. Commanders in the field used soldiers with MOS 74C to perform DMS system-administration functions.

Unfortunately, however, the Fast Track program didn’t identify enough soldiers for reclassification, so OCOS has coordinated with PERSCOM for direct reclassification of MOS 74C soldiers. This means soldiers in MOS 74C who didn’t meet the Fast Track submission deadline, as well as those who hadn’t previously applied for Fast Track, are still eligible for this new initiative.

Soldiers who qualify for this program must submit a request for Project Development Skill Identifier B5B, along with supporting documentation, to OCOS, ATZH-POE, Fort Gordon, GA 30905. Once PDSI has been awarded, the soldier must request reclassification to 74B through his or her local field authority.

Acronym QuickScan
DMS – Defense Message System
MOS – military-occupation specialty
OCOS – Office Chief of Signal
PDSI – Project Development Skill Identifier
PERSCOM – Personnel Command

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