Enlisted standards-of-grade review

FORT GORDON, Ga. – When the Army’s leadership decided in June 1999 that its noncommissioned-officer content had to be at or below 49.2 percent, it also directed an enlisted standards-of-grade review. The Signal Center recently completed the SG review and found some changes were needed.

The SG review’s objective was to ensure the Army’s SG tables are up-to-date and in line with its decision on its NCO content. SG tables are found in Army Regulation 611-201, which covers enlisted career-management fields and military-occupation specialties.

SGs drive grading in the Army’s authorization-documents system, a composite of the Army’s tables of distribution and allowances and modified tables of organization and equipment. SGs dictate a specific grade level for each job.

Signal personnel managers found during the recent SG review that the current SG and force structure doesn’t comply with the Army’s Average Grade Distribution Matrix. AGDM is a mathematical model resembling a pyramid that identifies the allowable percentage of each grade in an MOS.

To meet the Army’s force-structure needs, Office Chief of Signal’s Enlisted Division at the Signal Center submitted a revised TAADS and SG table to Training and Doctrine Command’s Force Design Directorate for major-command coordination. MACOMS were to have their input done by Jan. 24, then the changes were to be entered in the system – to take place in fiscal year 2001.

The SG review won’t impact the space-imbalance MOS program, nor will it change recruiting programs or individuals in the delayed entry and bonus programs. If OCOS’ action is approved as submitted, we don’t anticipate any adverse impact on overall warfighting capabilities, and Signal CMFs will support AGDM.

Acronym QuickScan
AGDM – Average Grade Distribution Matrix
CMF – career-management field
MACOM – major command
MOS – military-occupation specialty
OCOS – Office Chief of Signal
SG – standards of grade
TAADS – the Army’s authorization-document system

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