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TSM-Warfighter Information Network-tactical

Warfighter Information Network-tactical operational-requirements document update

Training and Doctrine Command approved the Warfighter Information Network-tactical operational-requirements document Aug. 23, 1999, and submitted it to Department of the Army for Army internal staffing. While the ORD was being staffed at Army level, the Joint Requirements Oversight Council issued JROC Memorandum 132-99 ("Policy for Updating ORDs to Incorporate Interoperability Key Performance Parameter and Cost"), dated Nov. 16, 1999. JROC’s policy was to help clarify ORD-requirements information addressed in Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff Instruction 3170.01A, "Requirements Generation System." In response to JROC’s memorandum, the Signal Center updated the ORD to include cost data and identification of information-exchange requirements that support an interoperability KPP.

The ORD is now back at DA headquarters for final review prior to joint staffing.

While the Army was working to incorporate the new requirements into the WIN-T ORD, it continued its association with industry on the WIN-T program. The third industry-advisory-group conference met at Fort Monmouth, N.J., Dec. 14-16, 1999. This forum provided industry representatives a chance to exchange key information and allowed the Army to take advantage of industry’s leading-edge technological expertise to ensure innovative (but realistic) WIN-T goals and acquisition practices.

The WIN-T ORD approval and acquisition timeline for the next few months is ambitious but achievable. The ORD was forwarded to the joint staff for colonel-level review in late January. Upcoming major milestones include ORD joint-flag review in late March, plus the Requirements Review Council and JROC in May/June. JROC is the final step in the ORD approval process.

A June JROC approval would make it possible for the Army to award a WIN-T contract in the first quarter of fiscal year 2002, which would result in WIN-T’s fielding beginning in FY04.

Acronym QuickScan
DA – Department of the Army
FY – fiscal year
JROC – Joint Requirements Oversight Council
KPP – key performance parameter
ORD – operational-requirements document
WIN-T – Warfighter Information Network-tactical

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