Regiment creates chief warrant officer job

by Lisa Alley

A new Regimental position – the Regimental chief warrant officer – was recently established to serve as adviser to the Chief of Signal on warrant-officer issues. Selected to serve in the position first was CW5 Pete Hewitt, who was installed into the position by the Chief of Signal during December’s annual Signal symposium.

"This action is a step in recognizing the special nature and contributions of our warrant officers who, as officer-technicians in a highly technical environment, have concerns and needs different from officers and noncommissioned officers in terms of personnel management, training and professional development," said a Signal Center message.

The RCWO’s duties include:

Assessing warrant officers’ status, including the state of their training, professional development, morale, recruitment, retention and other areas impacting readiness;
Serving as the Signal Center’s representative to the Army’s senior-warrant-officer leader-development council, and assisting the council in developing issues for the Training and Doctrine Command Leader Development Decision Network;
Serving as a liaison with a Signal Regiment "council of chief warrant officers five" and senior Signal warrant officers;
Performing personnel-proponency management functions for the Office Chief of Signal according to Army Regulation 600-3; and
Providing advice, counsel and mentoring to Signal Regiment warrant officers and their commanders.

Commanders are encouraged to designate a senior warrant officer to serve as their own adviser as well as a mentor for their junior warrant officers, according to the message. Designated warrant-officer mentors are also encouraged to contact the RCWO, who will serve as a focal point for issues to be brought to the Chief of Signal’s attention.

Ms. Alley edits Army Communicator.

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RCWO – Regimental chief warrant officer

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