What is personnel proponency, anyway?

Office Chief of Signal, sponsor for the personnel summit, is the staff agency at the Signal Center that carries out the Chief of Signal’s mission as the personnel proponent for all Signal Regiment officer, warrant officer and enlisted career fields.

Personnel management is more than just assignments. The Chief of Signal executes his responsibilities as the Signal personnel proponent through OCOS. As such, OCOS is responsible for the eight functions of the organization’s functional lifecycle model: force development, acquisition, training, distribution, deployment, sustainment, development and separation.

Together, these functions form a continuous lifecycle that governs all areas of the personnel spectrum. These include determining the structure of organizations, creating or deleting military-occupation specialties, determining initial and developmental training requirements, and manning and sustaining the force.

However, personnel proponents don’t accomplish their mission alone. At all levels of the Army, there are people like organizational and force integrators, personnel-system staff officers and assignment managers who also have a role in the lifecycle model. Together these action officers work as a team to support the Signal Regiment’s goals and vision. Other branches/regiments have similar teams to look out for their interests.

The Signal Regiment personnel summit brought these key players together to work on the Regiment’s pressing issues.

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OCOS – Office Chief of Signal

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