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Web-based graduate program

The Signal Center offers a web-based graduate-education program for all Signal Regiment members. The site’s intent is to provide Branch 25, Functional Area 24 and FA 53 officers; military-occupation specialty 250 and 251 series warrant officers; enlisted soldiers; and civilians with information on the various information-technology-related graduate degrees at various universities.

University of Maryland University College is the first university included in the program. UMUC offers on-line master of science degrees in IT, software engineering, computer-systems management, telecommunications management and technology management.

Also, we plan to offer a cohort class worth nine graduate credit hours this summer at Fort Gordon, Ga., for standard UMUC class prices. The class starts May 12, will be 14 weeks long, with Saturday lectures and 10 hours of on-line studies a week. The cohort class counts toward a masters degree from UMUC in computer-systems management, information technology or telecommunications management.

Tuition assistance is available to help defray costs of these seminars and other course offerings.

For officers in the field, the standard on-line graduate courses from UMUC are available from any location in the world. UMUC offers full student services on-line, so students may complete the admissions and registration process through the UMUC website ( Courses are asynchronous, so time zones don’t matter. All that’s needed to participate is a personal computer with a web browser and a network connection or modem to the worldwide web.

For specifics on PC requirements, interested candidates should visit the UMUC website and check out the requirements, services offered and Web Tyco conferencing software used for classroom participation.

Acronym QuickScan
FA – functional area
IT – information technology
PC – personal computer
UMUC – University of Maryland University College

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