2000 Signal symposium logo2000 Signal symposium draws more than 1,000

by Lisa Alley

FORT GORDON, Ga. – The 28th Signal symposium pulled in 1,043 registered attendees to their Regimental home, slightly down (18 percent) from 1999’s 1,278 registered attendees. However, the number of exhibitors shot up from 446 to 812.

Attendance at the week’s workshops dropped some. Reservists attending the Reserve Component workshops dropped 19 percent; warrant officers went down 27 percent and senior noncommissioned officers dropped 19 percent. The number of general officers attending the GO session held steady.

Although workshop registration decreased from 1999, officials said attendance at some workshops actually increased. The reason for the variance was that many people who attended workshops failed to register with the symposium.

Changes being considered for the 2001 symposium include refocusing the council of colonels to work on critical issues and eliminating information briefings. The CoC during Regimental Week in June will develop a list of critical Regimental issues which will be worked between Regimental Week and symposium by the entire Signal community. The symposium CoC will then address those specific issues and resolve them as much as possible, officials said.

Another change being considered is to lengthen the Signal warrant-officer workshop to two days.

Ms. Alley edits Army Communicator.

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CoC – council of colonels
GO – general officer

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