Army Communicator

Voice of the Signal Regiment

PB 11-01-1
Spring 2001
Vol. 26 No. 1

Spring edition 2001 cover imageThe next generation of networks will rely heavily on Internet protocol and web browsers.


Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Chief of Signal Comments
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Circuit check
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Doctrine update
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Signals
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) TSM update



Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Next-generation networks and the Defense Department's command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance abilities
Michael Gentry
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Special focus: 2000 Signal symposium
Lisa Alley, SGT Mark Swart
multicolored bullet for AC TOC list items 2000 Signal symposium draws more than 1,000
multicolored bullet for AC TOC list items State of Signal Regiment: Chief of Signal delivers update at 28th symposium
multicolored bullet for AC TOC list items Former Chief of Signal inducted as newest distinguished member of the Regiment
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Signal warrant-officer corps will see transformation
CW5 Pete Hewitt
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Engineer reconnaissance system in full use for Kosovo forces
1LT Martin Jung
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Reserve Component Signaleers provide real-life and battlefield-scenario communications for Pacific Strike exercise
SSG David Carney
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Can you tell them apart?
SSG David Carney
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) The Deung San Challenge: "To climb a mountain with pack"
2LT Susan Castorina

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