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by Denise Allen

With a mandate for transforming the Army, leaders asked for help in making changes at the 29th annual Signal Regimental Symposium.

LTG Peter Cuviello, the Signal Center�s former commander and now director of information systems for command, control, communications and computers with the office of the secretary of the Army, said transformation is a positive time.

�The glass is definitely half full,� he said in a speech at Fort Gordon, Ga., Nov. 28. �We have the leaders of the Army, the chief and secretary, on board. Their hand is in a lot of what is going on. They are pushing.�

LTG Cuviello speaking at 29th Signal Symposium LTG Peter Cuviello discusses the changes the Army's new infostructure, Army Knowledge On-line, will bring about.

While some say change is happening rapidly, Cuviello said the opposite.

�I will tell you we�re not moving fast enough,� he said.

He discovered how slow change can be not long after assuming his post in August 2000. When the Army�s chief of staff decided he didn�t want to send out unencrypted email any longer, Cuviello said it should only take about a week to get encrypted email.

Four months later, all the chief�s email was encrypted.

�The local server was generated by 45 different servers,� he said of one of the problems faced in performing the task.

A goal of transformation is to turn the Army into a �network-centric knowledge-based force,� he said. An integral key to this aspect of transformation is Army Knowledge Management.

AKM is �intended to improve� the decision-making processes of everyone from warfighters to those on the business side of the Army, he said.

A part of AKM is Army Knowledge On-line, a single portal for every soldier, Reservist and Army civilian to securely access the Army�s new �infostructure.�

�Eventually, 1 million people will be on it,� Cuviello said.

On Oct. 1, all soldiers, Reservists and Army civilians were required to have their AKO accounts set up.

�The Army will be web-based,� he said. �It will take some time to get there.�

Cuviello touted the attributes of AKO, which has instant messaging capabilities, is customizable and will provide a single email account that will stay with the user throughout his or her career.

The Army has a public website in addition to its two versions of AKO. AKO is an unclassified site; however, there is a classified website, AKO-Secret, which has about 3,500 users. Its features include secure instant messaging, secure webmail and secure knowledge centers.

Change can be overwhelming, but Cuviello encouraged those in attendance to see a larger scope and know that change is �within� them, not just around them. �It�s important to synchronize our vision. We have to have people who understand where they fit,� he said. �It�s a journey.�

Ms. Allen is a staff writer for The Signal, Fort Gordon�s post newspaper.

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AKM � Army Knowledge Management
AKO � Army Knowledge On-line

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