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The Army has begun a transformation that creates medium-size formations called brigade combat teams. These BCTs have an organic brigade Signal company. Concurrently, the Army is digitizing its forces. The impact of these dynamic drivers precipitated two fundamental changes in the Signal Regiment’s doctrine-development program.

The first doctrine-development priority is to develop a tactics, techniques and procedures manual for BSC. The second priority is to develop digitization updates for 14 of the Regiment’s 22 keystone manuals that will be used by the first digitized division, corps and follow-on digitized forces.

The Signal Regiment’s council of colonels reviewed the initial draft Feb. 29 of Field Manual 11-2, "Signal Support for the BSC." Based on their direction and guidance, the manual was updated and posted on Training and Doctrine Command’s BCT doctrine website ( FM 11-2 provides fundamental Signal-support doctrine for BCT operations that are contained in the BCT and BSC operational and organizational plans.

The next doctrine-development step is to expand the manual to provide specific TTPs that the company’s leaders and soldiers will employ to support BCT full-spectrum operations. The coordinating draft will be posted on TRADOC’s BCT doctrine website in July.

TRADOC provided program funding Feb. 24 for the Signal Regiment’s second doctrine-development priority. A team of six writers and one editor is developing digitization updates for all our Signal-support functional areas. The doctrine-development schedule for these digitization updates is challenging (see table below).

FM Title Initial draft Coordinating draft Final draft
FM 11-41 Signal Support: Echelons Corps and Below 4Q FY00 1Q01 2Q01
FM 11-43 The Signal Leader’s Guide 1Q99 3Q00  2Q01
FM 11-50 Combat Communications within the Division 4Q00 1Q01 2Q01
FM 11-53 Combat Net Radios 4Q99 3Q00 4Q00
FM 11-54 Satellite Operations 2Q00 4Q00 2Q01
FM 11-70 Spectrum Management 4Q00 1Q01 2Q01
FM 11-71 Network and Systems Management 4Q00 1Q01 2Q01
FM 24-23 TTP for Defense Message System Extension into the Tactical Environment 4Q00 2Q01 1Q02
FM 24-24 Signal Data/ Equipment 2Q00 3Q00 3Q00
FM 24-27 Switching Operations 4Q00 1Q01 2Q01
FM 24-32 TTP for the Tactical Internet 3Q96 3Q00 (V)7 2Q01
FM 24-40 Tactical Visual Information Doctrine 4Q00 1Q01 2Q01
FM 24-41 TTP for the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System 3Q96 3Q00 (V)6 2Q01
FM XX-XX Signal Digital Equipment Procedural Guide 4Q00 1Q01 2Q01
FM XX-XX Warfighter Information Network Operations 4Q00 1Q01 2Q01
Doctrine digitization update schedule. Dates subject to change.

Doctrine development has a life beyond these top two priorities. Equally significant is our initiative to become compliant with the Army’s Systems Approach to Training and Doctrine. ASAT-D will enable the Signal Regiment to interact real-time with our doctrine online. As units and soldiers find more efficient and effective ways of employing our doctrine, they can share it with the Regiment via ASAT-D.

ASAT-D hardware installation was scheduled for mid-May, and initial ASAT-D operations commenced in June. The next doctrine-development-update article will provide the Regiment details on using ASAT-D’s capabilities.

Acronym QuickScan
ASAT-D – Army Systems Approach to Training and Doctrine
BCT – brigade combat team
BSC – brigade Signal company
FM – field manual
TRADOC – Training and Doctrine Command
TTP – tactics, techniques and procedures

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