Army Communicator

Voice of the Signal Regiment

PB 11-00-2
Summer 2000
Vol. 25 No. 2

Two kids at static electricity globeStronger science skills make a better future Signal Regiment; National Science Center and Fort Discovery help bring that about


Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Chief of Signal's Comments
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Circuit check
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Doctrine update
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Signals
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) TSM update



Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Birth of National Science Center part of Signaleer's vision, legacy
Lisa Alley
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Fort Discovery outreach programs interest youths in math and science
Lisa Alley
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Fort Gordon soldiers volunteer at National Science Center's Fort Discovery
Kathi Dimmock
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Army officially begins creation of initial brigade combat teams
Army News Service
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Initial brigade combat teams are first step in creating objective force
Army News Service
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Powering the brigade combat team: Communications-Electronics Command project manager to revolutionize warfighters' power sources
Stephen Larsen
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Tobyhanna's headquarters, program offices team to support brigade
Tobyhanna Army Depot public-affairs office
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) AN/PRC-117F Special Operations Forces radio has applications for digital divisions and beyond
David Fiedler
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Good electrical grounds, bonds and shields: a must for digitized Army
David Fiedler
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Gender issues generic for Army Signal Command's G-staff
SFC Anthony Reed
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Pentagon renovation: Communications-Electronics Command project manager is providing on-ramp to information superhighway
Jacque Zachgo and Stephen Larsen
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) U.S. Army Information Systems Engineering Command's Technology Integration Center: a history
James Ward

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