Warrant-officer notes

Signal needs noncommissioned officers for warrant-officer program

Thanks to all of you who assisted in making 1999 a successful warrant-officer recruiting year. We accessed top-notch candidates for the Army’s WO-candidate program and the Signal Regiment. However, we must all continue mentoring and encouraging young soldiers to aim high in their careers; continue guiding quality soldiers to apply for our WO program in this new recruiting year.

All applicants for WO appointment must meet the following Department of Army minimum requirements:

U.S. citizenship (nonwaiveable);
General-technical score of 110 or higher (nonwaiveable);
High-school graduate or general-education diploma (nonwaiveable);
Secret security clearance (nonwaiveable);
Pass the Army’s standard three-event physical-fitness test (nonwaiveable);
Pass the appointment physical (nonwaiveable);
Less than 12 years’ active service (waiveable only by DA);
Less than 46 years of age (waiveable only by DA).

Additional mandatory prerequisites for Signal warrants include:

Minimum grade of E-5;
Basic-NCO-course graduate;
Three years’ outstanding-performance NCO evaluation reports on file;
Six semester hours of college-level English;
12th-grade reading level on Test of Adult Basic Education;
Feeder enlisted military-occupation specialties for WO MOS 250N – 31F, 31W, 74C w/Z2 (will consider anyone with the required switch experience). For WO MOS 251A – 74B, 74G, 74Z (will consider others with formal training and experience);
Four years’ practical experience for WO MOS 250N – mobile-subscriber equipment and/or triservice-tactical switching experience. For WO MOS 251A – computer-systems operations and/or programming.

Preferred qualifications for Signal warrants include:

All mandatory prerequisites;
Staff sergeant or higher rank;
Six years’ practical experience for WO MOS 250N – both echelons corps and below (MSE) and echelons above corps (TRITAC) experience. For WO MOS 251A – both battlefield-automation systems and tactical local-area network;
30 semester hours of college.

Qualified Signal NCOs who are proud to serve their country and who seek more pay, advancement and training opportunities are needed to become WOs in the most technological Army in the world. Opportunities exist for MOS 250N, network-management technician, and MOS 251A, data-processing technician. Prerequisites, sample packet, blank forms and frequently asked questions about applying for WO are some of the items posted on the Recruiting Command website at

If you have more questions about the Signal WO program or need help with packet submissions, contact either CW5 Pete Hewitt at DSN 780-8183, email, or CW5 Ken Rougeou at DSN 780-6545, email You may also visit the Signal WO homepage at$p=138239.

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Officer notes

Selection boards

Here are the Army’s officer central-selection boards scheduled for third and fourth quarters, fiscal year 2000:

Late third quarter

Career-field designation
(yeargroups 88, 90)
May 31-June 9
Joint specialty officer June 12-16

Fourth quarter

Colonel Aug. 1-23
Command and General Staff College, Army Aug. 22-Sept. 22

Eligible officers should ensure their files contain a current Army photo, their most recent officer-evaluation report and an accurate officer record brief. Outdated photos and inaccurate information on ORBs are negative indicators.

Officers with questions on their files should contact their assignment officers at Total Army Personnel Command:

Signal branch (Branch 25) DSN 221-0645
Systems automation (Functional Area 53) DSN 221-3114
Military Acquisition Management Branch DSN 221-3131
Civilian Acquisition Management Branch DSN 221-2769

Point of contact is Lindsey Phelps, DSN 780-8176.

Acronym QuickScan
DA – Department of the Army
MOS – military-occupation specialty
MSE – mobile-subscriber equipment
NCO – noncommissioned officer
ORB – officer record brief
TRITAC – triservice tactical
WO – warrant officer

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