When PM IM&T is finished...

It will have installed:

1,700-plus miles of fiber-optic and copper cable;
A consolidated technical control facility;
50,000-plus Internet protocol data drops;
A network and systems-management center;
30,000-plus IM&T face places;
A Pentagon-wide telephone switch system;
30,000-plus phone drops;
18 consolidated server facilities;
30,000-plus telephones;
600 black\red telecommunications closets;
Several thousand multimedia switches;
Five consolidated radio rooms;
55 black\red wedge and communications equipment rooms.

It will have moved:

50,000-plus workstations, printers, etc.;
Eight telephone switches;
160 tactical and administrative radios;
3,000-plus priority data circuits.

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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |