Army Communicator

Voice of the Signal Regiment

PB 11-01-2
Summer 2001
Vol. 26 No. 2

Global Broadcast Service, SMART-T, SCAMP, STAR-T -- along with Spitfire and Wideband Gapfiller System -- are key components of the Signal Regiment's satellite communications on-the-move, which in turn are essential to making a success of the Army's top priority: command-and-control on-the-move.

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multicolored bullet Chief of Signal Comments
multicolored bullet Circuit check
multicolored bullet Doctrine update
multicolored bullet Signals
multicolored bullet TSM update



multicolored bullet Technology challenges for satellite communications on-the-move
Mark Gouker
multicolored bullet Wideband Global Broadcast Service satellite communications on-the-move
Steve Koutsoutis
multicolored bullet Signal support for XVIII Airborne Corps' first warfighter exercise
MAJ Jonathan Mundt
multicolored bullet Better tactical very-high frequency radio communications for light infantry and military operations on urban terrain
Ed Farmer and Dave Fiedler
multicolored bullet Terrain analysis for the battalion S-6
CPT John Hinkel
multicolored bullet "Welcome to 21st Signal Battalion, we're glad you're here"
MAJ Jeff Girard
multicolored bullet Command-and-control exercises vector future communications
Hank Alau and MAJ Fran Trentley
multicolored bullet Information assurance: protecting the Army's domain-name system
Larry Barker
multicolored bullet A half-century in the shadows
2LT Travis Worlock
multicolored bullet Division automation office evolves with technology and times
MAJ Jeff Girard

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