Army Communicator

Voice of the Signal Regiment

PB 11-00-4
Winter 2000
Vol. 25 No. 4

SGT Andrew Butler, right, and SGT John Howard, both United Kingdom soldiers at Combined Endeavor 2000telecommunications engineers with the British army, verify continuity in a six-wire circuit break-out box used to interface voice switches during Exercise Combined Endeavor.

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Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Chief of Signal Comments
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Circuit check
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Doctrine update
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Pulse
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) TSM update



Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Interoperability: does the Signal Regiment's future success depend on our allies?
LTC Ron Stimeare
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Distance learning using embedded artificial intelligence
MAJ Jeff Girard
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Active Component Signal unit passes first year as multicomponent unit
1LT Dallas Powell Jr.
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Information operations in the Army Reserve: USAR needs soldiers with high-tech skills to fill units and positions nationwide
MAJ Greg Williams
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Supporting split-based operations
MAJ Jeff Girard
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Stormy weather: solar activity could wreak havoc on satellites
Debbie Linton
Multicol.GIF (517 bytes) Strategic-tactical interface prototype: a new gateway for interoperable U.S./ North Atlantic Treaty Organization/ Partnership for Peace voice and data networks in U.S. European Command
Roger Carpenter, John Jannis, Steve Sardi and Rob van Engelshoven

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