Flag at Pentagon attack site lowered, preserved

by Jim Garamone

WASHINGTON � The huge American flag that hung to the right of the damaged area of the Pentagon was lowered Oct. 11 and folded with full military honors.

Soldiers of A Company, 3d Infantry (The Old Guard), lowered the colors and folded them on the helipad just in front of where hijacked airliner hit the Pentagon Sept. 11.

Before Sept. 11, the flag belonged to the U.S. Army Band and nearby Fort Myer, Va. It is a garrison flag, the largest authorized for the military.

After the attack on the Pentagon, bandsmen sent the flag to the Pentagon. During President George W. Bush�s visit to the impact site, 3d Infantry soldiers and firefighters unveiled the flag and draped it over the side of the building.

The flag had hung in place ever since. Each night, workers illuminated it with floodlights. Today, the flag is soot-stained and ripped at one spot where it rubbed up against the building.

"This flag will never be flown again," MG Jim Jackson, commander of the Army Military District of Washington, said following the ceremony. Jackson will present the flag to the Army leadership later. They will decide its ultimate destination.

Mr. Garamone writes for American Forces Press Service.

Garrison flag hung at Pentagon impact site One day after terrorists used commercial airplanes to destroy the World Trade Center towers and attack the Pentagon, firefighters take a moment to unfurl the flag on the Pentagon's scarred stone as inspiration for fellow rescue workers searching through the debris Sept. 12. The flag was ceremonially lowered Oct. 11.
Old Guard folds flag that hung at Pentagon impact site Soldiers from Company A, 3d Infantry (The Old Guard), fold the giant garrison flag that draped the side of the Pentagon beside the impact site where terrorists crashed a hijacked airliner Sept. 11. The soldiers lowered and folded the flag ceremonially Oct. 11 for presentation to Army leadership. The flag will never be flown again.

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