Chief of Signal awards program offers free recognition for Regiment�s outstanding soldiers, civilians

by SGT Wesley Thomas

Looking for a new way to honor and recognize soldiers? A way that�s easy and free of charge? Then read on � I have just the solution for you.

The Chief of Signal Regimental Awards Program is designed to foster esprit de corps and to contribute to the Signal Regiment�s cohesiveness. Awards are approved by the Chief of Signal based on personal observations or the recommendation of an individual�s commander or supervisor.

There�s a big misconception that all awards the Regiment gives come from the Signal Corps Regimental Association. This isn�t the case. SCRA and the Signal Regiment are two different organizations. SCRA, a private organization that helps promote the Signal Regiment, charges its members annual dues and has its own set of awards for its members.

Awards given under the Chief of Signal�s program are free and available to soldiers and civilian employees worldwide � including Army Reserve and National Guard � based on their communications military-occupation specialty or by virtue of job position working for the Signal Regiment.

There are six types of awards available under the program. They are:

The Chief of Signal Impact Award (coin) � The Chief of Signal gives this coin as an on-the-spot recognition of a job well done.
The Signal Regimental Certificate of Achievement � This certificate is used to recognize outstanding achievements relative to the Regiment�s mission. It�s awarded by recommendation. For ranks E-5 and below, it�s worth five promotion points.
Chief of Signal Plaque � This award recognizes individuals whose performance and contributions set them apart from their peers.
Regimental Fellowship Plaque � This plaque is used to recognize people who are not affiliated with the Regiment but whose contributions have positively affected the Regiment�s mission.
Honorary Member of the Regiment � This award honorarily inducts people into the Regiment who aren�t members of the Regiment but who have made a contribution to the Regiment. There are no duties associated with the appointment. Typical honorary members include foreign allied exchange/liaison officers, non-Signal Corps soldiers and service members from our "sister" armed forces.
Distinguished Member of the Regiment � Designation as a Distinguished Member of the Regiment is the highest honor of the awards program. It�s largely ceremonial and serves to perpetuate the Regiment�s history. Nominees must be current or past members of the Regiment. Distinguished members are usually chosen based on their career-long contributions to the Regiment.
Chief of Signal Plaque Chief of Signal Plaque.
Regimental Certificate of Achievement Regimental Certificate of Achievement.

To recommend someone for an achievement certificate, plaque or fellowship plaque, submission procedures are to send a Department of Army Form 638 and a double-spaced narrative or justification explaining the individual�s service and contributions to the Regiment. Mail the form and narrative/justification to: Commander, U.S. Army Signal Center and Fort Gordon; ATTN: ATZH-POM (Regimental NCO), Bldg. 29808A (Signal Towers) Room 713, Fort Gordon, Ga. 30905.

There�s no DA Form 638 needed for honorary membership or the distinguished member award, but written recommendations are required for these two awards based on nominations from the candidate�s peers. The Chief of Signal personally approves the distinguished member award, and it�s awarded annually at the Signal symposium in December.

Recommendations should be submitted no less than four weeks before the desired presentation date to ensure adequate processing and mailing time. For distinguished members, a request for nomination is issued with a specific deadline before the Signal symposium. For example, the nominations deadline for the 2001 symposium was Nov. 1.

All commanders and supervisors are encouraged to use this awards program; it�s an excellent way to recognize worthy individuals who are working to promote the Signal Regiment�s good health.

To find out more information about the Chief of Signal Regimental Awards Program and the Signal Regiment, visit our website at

SGT Thomas is the Signal Regimental noncommissioned officer in Regimental Division, Office Chief of Signal. His previous assignments include Fort Stewart, Ga.; Fort Bliss, Texas; and overseas duty in Korea. He has also participated in two rotations at the National Training Center and was deployed to Kuwait during Operation Desert Fox. Civilian education includes classes from Hillsbourough Community College and El Paso Community College. The Primary Leadership Development Course is included in his military education.

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DA � Department of the Army
SCRA � Signal Corps Regimental Association

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