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This section outlines the "firsts" and new procedures/players in the Grecian Firebolt exercise

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Information Operations Command partners with 311th Theater Signal Command in major exercise

by LTC Timothy Haight

ADELPHI, Md. � A relatively new organization, the Army Reserve Information Operations Command headquartered here, supported Grecian Firebolt 2002 and its quest to test homeland-defense communications.

Activated in October 2001, ARIOC is a U.S. Army Reserve asset charged to conduct information operations. The organization, commanded by COL Bert Mizusawa, has five subordinate IO centers. IOCs are located at Adelphi, Md.; Fort Devens, Mass.; Oakdale, Pa.; Dublin, Calif.; and Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Each IOC is commanded by a lieutenant colonel and is authorized 90 soldiers with the mission to conduct information-assurance and computer-network-defense operations.

IOCs are staffed with officers, warrant officers and noncommissioned officers who are IA and information-technology professionals in their civilian jobs. The IOCs are able to attract and retain this top technical talent because they offer a unique opportunity to contribute to the Army�s expanding cyberwarfare role � no other USAR organization is able to focus on such an important task.

ARIOC contributes to a variety of Army and defense IO missions. For example, ARIOC members � specifically from the National Capital Region IOC and North Central IOC � deployed in June to Fort Meade, Md., to support 311th Theater Signal Command during Grecian Firebolt �02. There, members of both commands collaborated to develop a concept of operations and techniques, tactics and procedures for 311th Theater Signal Command�s network operations. The 311th Theater Signal Command has tremendous depth and experience in network management, which was enhanced by ARIOC�s IA capabilities. It was a perfect opportunity for ARIOC to contribute its expertise in IA and proactively influence 311th Theater Signal Command�s IA/CND planning.

In addition to development and planning, IOCs provided training on current NM and IA tools. IOCs leveraged 311th Theater Signal Command�s Cisco Academy classroom to bring concentrated and focused training to their soldiers. In two weeks, IOCs provided instruction that otherwise would have stretched out over several months and cost 311th Theater Signal Command thousands of dollars had they obtained pursued this training from other sources.

The collaboration during GF �02 was a perfect partnering of resources and capabilities for soldiers of both commands. ARIOC�s soldiers were able to exercise their civilian-acquired IA skills in a military environment, and 311th Theater Signal Command�s soldiers were able to add depth to their knowledge of NM and IA.

ARIOC plans to support and actively participate in GF �03. NCRIOC has already developed conops that supports realistic scenarios in implementing IA, IO and command and control. GF �03 will allow ARIOC and 311th Theater Signal Command to improve and continue a long-term operational and training relationship.

LTC Haight is chief of the Computer Emergency Response Team support group.

Acronym QuickScan
ARIOC � Army Reserve Information Operations Command
Conops � concept of operations
CND � computer-network defense
GF � Grecian Firebolt
IA � information assurance
IO � information operations
IOC � information-operations center
NM � network management
NCRIOC � National Capitol Region Information Operations Center
USAR � U.S. Army Reserve

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