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Progress toward Objective Force

I first want to say hello to every member of our Signal Regiment. I’m honored to BG Janet E.A. Hicks, Chief of Signalserve you as the Regiment’s 30th Chief of Signal and delighted to be at Fort Gordon, our Regimental home. I’m amazed at the progress the Army and especially the Signal Regiment have made on our road to the Objective Force.

We have plenty of things going on right now – all very important efforts for our future. Our materiel programs are adjusting fire to the concepts. We’re shaping our doctrine as the Army shapes the Objective Force. Our training institutions are seeing transformation on the horizon. As a matter of fact, the Signal Regiment is on point for the Army in retooling Army training for the future. And we still have the best soldiers in the Army – Signal Regiment soldiers who are enabling the force and supporting warfighters everywhere in the world.

I feel comfortable with the state of our materiel programs. We recently adjusted a number of operational-requirements documents to align them with the Objective Force’s warfighting requirements. Warfighter Information Network-Tactical, Joint Tactical Radio System and our many satellite and other programs are well positioned to support the unprecedented and daunting information requirements in the Objective Force. For the Objective Force we’ve designed a command, control, communications and computers network that will enable the Objective Force warrior to “see first, understand first, act first and finish decisively” – these systems are worthy of the soldiers who will depend on them. This is of singular importance to the Army as we move the Objective Force from concept to reality.

I’m very excited about the tremendous leap forward in training we’ve seen adopted in lifelong learning. (You’ll be hearing much more about lifelong learning in many different venues over the coming months). Our Objective Force soldiers will be sent to the field more quickly, with shortened advanced individual training and with focused training that will meet the soldier’s individual needs based on his or her next assignment. Some of our Regiment’s soldiers are already in the field after receiving assignment-oriented training instead of the former military-occupation specialty course, and they’re just about to come back through the schoolhouse to get their supplemental training. We’re watching closely to make sure we do this right.

Looking farther down the road, we see a total retooling of training. Technology will enable our soldiers and leaders to receive critical required training at any time or place across the full spectrum of operations. Our personnel-management systems are accommodating some revolutionary ideas and are changing to allow much more precise management of the assignment process so every soldier can be a part of lifelong learning.

It’s an exciting time to be a soldier, especially in the Signal Regiment! There are many challenges, sure. But with challenge comes opportunity for change, growth and improvement. These are the components that must be exploited. That is where each and every one of you will play a role. I look forward with great excitement to serving you as Chief of Signal. I salute all that you do for your Regiment, your Army and your nation. Thank you.

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