Army Communicator

Voice of the Signal Regiment

PB 11-02-4
Winter 2002
Vol. 27 No. 4

Cover: site defense is an important part of communications -- after all, "no site, no Signal."

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multicolored bullet Books
multicolored bullet Chief of Signal Comments
multicolored bullet Circuit check
multicolored bullet Doctrine update
multicolored bullet Pulse
multicolored bullet Signals
multicolored bullet Training update
multicolored bullet TSM update



multicolored bullet No site, no Signal
Virgil Huston Jr.
multicolored bullet A web-based solution for the Special Forces forward operating base
CPT John Sipple
multicolored bullet The coalition common operating picture in Kosovo
MAJ Michael McCaffery
multicolored bullet Ruggedized commercial-off-the-shelf voice switch supports joint exercise
MSG Alan DeWitt
multicolored bullet Marines adopt new broadband very-high-frequency antenna for combat-net radios -- should the Army follow suit?
David Fiedler and Edward Farmer
multicolored bullet Soldier earns doctorate while on active duty
1LT Traci Gift
multicolored bullet The Stager ciphers and the U.S. military's first cryptographic system
CPT Kevin Romano
multicolored bullet Special coverage: Grecian Firebolt 2002
Grecian Firebolt 2002: looks different, tastes the same
1LT Shawn Herron
Grecian Firebolt tests homeland-security defense
Chris Walz
Military Affiliate Radio System plays big part in Grecian Firebolt '02
SSG Gary Watson
Information Operations Command partners with 311th Theater Signal Command in major exercise
LTC Timothy Haight
Satellite van first in Army Reserve
SFC Joe Vano
Army Reserve, Air National Guard pass joint signals
Air Force CPT George Worrall
Behind-the-scenes civilian support
Joal Watts
Signals and snipers
CPT Larry Josefowski
Signal exercise demonstrates Army motto
PFC Mekonya Cheefus
Clear signal for Reserve Officers Training Corps cadet
SPC Joseph St. Peter
multicolored bullet In memoriam: Dr. Paul Scheips
Rebecca Robbins Raines

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