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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |

Office Chief of Signal

Regimental Division

Connecting the Signal Regiment Worldwide

We provide information access for the U.S. Army Signal Regiment's information-technology professionals.

A summary of what we do and what you'll find in our website:

THE REGIMENT -- Regimental Division's Regimental Special Projects Officer manages the Chief of Signal's awards and recognition programs, which includes the Honorary and Distinguished Member of the Regiment programs. We also serve the Signal Regiment's and Chief of Signal's interest regarding the Regimental Hall and serve as the Chief of Signal's liaison to the Signal Corps Regimental Association.

MARKETING INITIATIVES -- Regimental Division is responsible for promoting the Signal Regiment. We do this via many ways and means. A major initiative for us is our marketing activities with the U.S. Military Academy, Reserve Officer Training Corps and Officer Candidate School institutions.

SIGNAL REGIMENT'S PROFESSIONAL MAGAZINE -- We publish the quarterly professional journal of the U.S. Army Signal Regiment, Army Communicator.

HISTORY -- Our division includes the Signal Museum and the command historian. Our history archives on-line include the Regiment and Corps history, plus the "I Am Signal" creed and unit lineages and honors. We welcome suggestions about what you'd like to see added into our Regimental history.



Office Chief of Signal

U.S. Army Signal Center of Excellence

Signal Towers, Building 29808

Fort Gordon, GA 30905

 Web Master

Regimental Links

Army Communicator

Regimental milWiki site

Signal Corps Regimental Association*

Ft. Gordon area SCRA chapter*

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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |

Last Modified: 04/04/2012
This is an offical U.S. Army Site |