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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |


BC 1-399

BC-1 Box
BC-2 Box
BC-3 Box
BC-4 Box
BC-5 Chest, for TE-51 welding equipment (used in both world wars)
BC-6 Box
BC-7 Radiotelegraph set (T-T), 0.55-1.1 MHz, P/O SCR-127
BC-8 Aircraft Receiver-Amplifier, 0.15-0.5 MHz, 6 tubes
BC-9A Receiver-Transmitter
BC-10 Aircraft Interphone (for pilot and observer-gunner), P/O SCR-57
BC-10A BC-10 with sidetone circuit added
BC-11A Aircraft Radiotelephone, AM, WE Co., P/O SCR-68A
BC-12 Aircraft Receiver, 0.35-2 MHz, VT-1 tubes, P/O SCR-59, -59A
BC-13A Receiver-Transmitter, P/O SCR-67A
BC-14 Receiver, 0.5-1.5 MHz, xtal set of French design, P/O SCR-54
BC-14A BC-14 with test buzzer added
BC-15 Aircraft Transmitter, quenched-gap, 1-3 MHz, P/O SCR-54
BC-15A BC-15 with minor improvements, P/O SCR-65A
BC-16 Trench Telegraph, buzzer at 600-1300 Hz, P/O SCR-71
BC-17 Trench Telegraph, like BC-16, with four VT-1 tubes, P/O SCR-72
BC-18, 18A Transmitter, 10-V, 100-W spark coil, simple gap, P/O SCR-74, 74A
BC-19 Detector, one-tub, for BC-14 (SCR-54), P/O SCR-55
BC-19A Detector, similar to BC-19, P/O DT-3A
BC-20 Aircraft Receiver, 0.35-2 MHz, 3 VT-1 tubes, P/O SCR-75
BC-21 Trench Telegraph, SCR-71 & 72 in one unit, P/O SCR-76
BC-21A Trench Telegraph, improved BC-21, P/O
BC-23 Receiver, 0.175-0.5 MHz autodyne type, one VT-1, P/O SCR-70
BC-24 Receiver-transmitter, 250-W quenched gap, P/O SCR-49
BC-25 Box
BC-26 Chest, for carrying radio receiver SCR-54A
BC-29 Amplifier
BC-30 Case, leather, for dry-battery testing, voltmeter I-3 and ammeter I-4
BC-31 Case, leather, for voltmeters I-4, I-6 and ammeters I-7, I-8, I-9
BC-32, 32A Receiver-Transmitter, 3-tube rcvr, 1-tube xmtr, P/O SCR-79
BC-33 Box
BC-34 Radio Set Box
BC-35 Chest, for packing type A-6 antenna equipment
BC-36 Receiver (Type D Receiving Box), xtal det, P/O SCR-49
BC-37 Wavemeter, 0.125-2.0 MHz, P/O SCR-61
BC-38 Receiver-Transmitter, "short wave," P/O SCR-77
BC-39 Receiver-Transmitter 3-tube rcvr, 1-tube xmtr, P/O SCR-78, 78A
BC-40 Wavemeter, 0.273-0.60 MHz, P/O SCR-95
BC-41 Tester for VT-1 tubes, RF oscillator, WE Type 5730, P/O RE-10
BC-42 Radio Set Box
BC-43 Chest, for carrying radio set SCR-79
BC-44 Amplifier, two VT-1s
BC-45 Receiver-Transmitter, three VT-1s, one VT-2
BC-46 Auxiliary Transmitter
BC-47 Radio Set, receives 1.82-3.53 MHz; sends 2.143, 2.440, 2.730
BC-48 Box
BC-49 Wavemeter
BC-50 Wavemeter
BC-51 Case
BC-52 Radio Set Box
BC-53 Receiver-Transmitter, quenched gap and crystal detector
BC-54 Chest
BC-55 Transmitter
BC-56 Aircraft Interphone
BC-57 Testing Buzzer
BC-58 Chest
BC-59 Amplifier
BC-60 Switch Box
BC-61 Box
BC-62 Box
BC-63 Test Unit
BC-69 Amplifier, four RF stages and VT-1 detector
BC-70 Wavemeter
BC-71 Telephone Box
BC-72 Battery Box
BC-73 Switch Box
BC-74 Switch Box
BC-75 Tool Chest
BC-76 Chest, for TE-6 general-purpose tool set
BC-77 Tool Chest
BC-78 Control Box
BC-79 Chest, two air tanks for EE-17 Strombos gas-alarm horn
BC-80 Chest, for EE-17 Strombos gas-alarm horn unit
BC-81 Control Box
BC-82 Battery Case, leather, for signal lamp
BC-83 Box
BC-84 Control Box
BC-85 Box
BC-86 Transmitter
BC-87 Box, for TE-26 soldering equipment
BC-88 Tool Chest
BC-89 Tool Chest
BC-90 Chest, for TE-14 carpenter tool
BC-91 Tool Chest
BC-92 Control Box
BC-93 Tool Chest
BC-94 Switch Box
BC-95 Switch Box
BC-96 Switch Box
BC-97 Chest, for EE-34 equipment
BC-98* Radio Set Box
BC-99 Switch Box
BC-100 Amplifier
BC-101* Amplifier
BC-102 Box
BC-103 Amplifier
BC-104 Receiver, heterodyne  type, 0.10-0.30 MHz
BC-105 Amplifier
BC-107 Receiver-Transmitter
BC-110 Transmitter
BC-114 Aircraft Transmitter, ca. 1925, P/O SCR-114, SCR-135
BC-115 Radio Tuner (receiver)
BC-116 Amplifier
BC-117 Switch Box
BC-118 Amplifier
BC-119 Control  Box, for BC-325 smtr & 3 BC-342 rcvrs, P/O SCR-197, SCR-597
BC-120 Control Box
BC-121 Control Box
BC-122 Transmitter
BC-123 Interphone Control Box
BC-126 Jack Box
BC-127 Transmitter
BC-128 Box
BC-129 Aircraft Transmitter, AM, ca. 1925, P/O SCR-133
BC-130 Control Box
BC-131 Receiver, regenerative, like IP-500
BC-132 Control Box
BC-136 Control Box
BC-137 Receiver
BC-138 Radio Tuner
BC-139 Transmitter
BC-140 Audio Filter
BC-141 Amplifier
BC-142 Control Box
BC-144 Receiver, four VT-5 tubes, Wireless Specialty Apparatus Co.
BC-145 Transmitter
BC-146 Receiver
BC-147 Transmitter
BC-148 Field Radio, portable, 4-4.36 MHz, receiver three 864s, transmitter one 10, P/O SCR-131; send and receives with LP-7 loop ant.
BC-150 Wavemeter, 0.10-2.0 MHz
BC-151 Field Radio, BC-148 for 4.37-5.1 MHz use, P/O SCR-161
BC-*-152 Receiver
BC-156 Field Radio, 2-3 MHz version of BC-148, P/O SCR-171
BC-157 Receiver-Transmitter
BC-158 Receiver
BC-159 Receiver
BC-160 Relay Unit
BC-161 Recorder
BC-*-163 Amplifier
BC-164 Balloon Transmitter, 2.4 MHz, one V-199, U/W SCR-170, SCR-173
BC-*-167 Receiver
BC-168 Radio Tuner
BC-*-169 Radio Tuner
BC-*-170 Radio Tuner
BC-171 Receiver
BC-*-173 Transmitter
BC-175 Receiver
BC-176* Transmitter
BC-177 Control Box
BC-178 Receiver-Transmitter, powered by dry batteries (90-V B+)
BC-*-179 Receiver
BC-*-180 Transmitter
BC-181 Control Box
BC-182 Control Box
BC-185 Transmitter
BC-186 Receiver, 2.4-3.7 MHz, two 30s and two 34s, P/O SCR-178SCR-179
BC-187 Transmitter, 2.4-3.7 MHz, one 10 and one 865, P/O SCR-178, SCR-179
BC-188 Modulator for BC-187, two 30s, p/o SCR-178, -179
BC-189 Receiver, superheterodyne, 0.150-13 MHz, eight tubes, 12V, P/O SCR-177, -180, -188, -193, -209, -210
BC-191* Transmitter, 12-V, four 211s and one 10, P/O SCR-177, -185, -187, -188, -193; TM 11-800, 1942, -4017. Used tuning units TU-6, etc. BC-AA-193; 1935 original model, required external units:  Tuners BC-AA-193, -194, or -204; antenna relay BC-AA-196; and control box BC-AA-192. Also see BC-375
BC-*-192 Control Box U/W BC-191 transmitter
BC-*-193 Antenna Tuning Unit U/W BC-AA-191 (early model)
BC-*-194 Antenna Tuning Unit U/W BC-AA-191 (early model)
BC-*-196 Antenna Relay Unit, U/W BC-191
BC-*-197 Monitoring Receiver, 0.1-20 MHz, P/O SCR-243
BC-*-198 Antenna Relay Unit, U/W BC-191
BC-*-199 P/O SCR-183
BC-*-200 Transmitter (BC-AC-200), 3 VT-25, 1 VT-52, P/O SCR-AC-183
BC-*-201 Control Box
BC-*-202 Transmitter Control Box
BC-*-204 Antenna Tuning Unit for BC-AA-191 transmitter (early model)
BC-205* Loop Tuning Unit
BC-206A Control Box
BC-207-T2 Transmitter
BC-208 Antenna Relay Unit, for BC-191
BC-*-209 Amplifier
BC-210 Receiver
BC-211* Frequency Meter, P/O SCR-211
BC-212 Interphone Amplifier, one 39/44 tube, P/O RC-15
BC-212-B Interphone Amplifier, two 6C5 tubes, P/O RC-27
BC-213 Jack Box for BC-345
BC-214 Control box for BC-189
BC-215 Control Box
BC-216 Microphone Amplifier, 6F7 and 39/44 tubes, P/O RC-19
BC-217-T2 Antenna Tuning Unit
BC-219 Aircraft Receiver-Transmitter, 1-12 MHz, P/O SCR-185, SCR-187
BC-221 Frequency Meter, Heterodyne, 0.125-20 MHz (36+ versions), main part of SCR-211
BC-222* Receiver-Transmitter, first walkie-talkie, 28-52 MHz in two bands, 2 w, one 30 and one 33, superregen receiver, modulated-oscillator transmitter, P/O SCR-194.  Also see BC-322
BC-223* Transmitter, 205.25 MHz, 30 W CW, 10 W AM, 801, P/O SCR-245
BC-224* Receiver, 14-V version of BC-348, P/O SCR-187, SCR-238; to  08-10-47
BC-225 Receiver, P/O SCR-240
BC-226* Control Box
BC-227 Receiver
BC-228 Transmitter
BC-*-229 Aircraft Receiver, 0.2-0.4 & 2.5-7.7 MHz, 14 V, P/O SCR-183.  Also see BC-429.  Related to Navy RU series.
BC-*-230 Transmitter, 2.5-7.7 MHz, 20 W, 14 V, P/O SCR-183.  Also see BC-430.  Related to Navy GF series.
BC-*-231 Control Box, for BC-229 receiver, P/O SCR-183
BC-*-232 Control Box, modified BC-202, for BC-230 xmtr, P/O SCR-183
BC-235 Control Box
BC-255 Receiver
BC-270 Transmitter, 300W
BC-301 Marker Beacon Receiver.  One 6F7 tube, P/O RC-20
BC-302 Transmitter, Instrument Landing, U/W BC-303 & -902, P/O SCR-241
BC-303 Transmitter, P/O SCR-241; to 08-10-96. 1942. See BC-302
BC-304 Interphone Control Box
BC-305 Interphone Control Box
BC-306* Antenna Loading Unit, 0.15-0.8 MHz, U/W BC-191/375
BC-307* Transmitter, P/O SCR-238
BC-308* Control Box
BC-309 Control Box, U/W BC-191/375
BC-310 Radio Compass Receiver (RDF), 0.15-1.5 MHz, 14 V, P/O SCR-242
BC-311 Control Box
BC-312* Receiver, 1.5-18 MHz, "BC312 Picture,"  P/O SCR-177, SCR-188A, SCR-193, SCR-197SCR-210, SCR-245.  Many models, 12- and 24-V, with and w/o xtal  filter; TM 11-850, 1946.  Also see BC-342
BC-313 Frequency Meter
BC-314* Receiver, 0.15-1.5 MHz, P/O SCR-177B; TM 11-850
BC-315 Transmitter, 2-18 MHz, 400 W CW-MCW-AM, WE Co.
BC-316 Antenna Tuning Unit
BC-317 Oscillator
BC-318 Switch Box
BC-319 Transmitter, six 837s
BC-320 Receiver
BC-321 Control Box
BC-322 Transceiver, 52-66 MHz (one band), like BC-222, P/O SCR-195
BC-324 Receiver, 14-V version of BC-348
BC-325* Transmitter, 1.5-18 MHz, 400/100 W, P/O SCR-197; TM-11-805
BC-326 Switch Box
BC-327 Control Box, P/O RC-35 interphone
BC-328 Transmitter, three 837s
BC-329* Transmitter, 0.19-0.41 MHz AM, 25 W, U/W T-27L; TM-11817
BC-330        Transmitter, three 837s
BC-331 RF Coupling Unit
BC-334 Control Box, P/O radio and interphone sets RC-34 & 35
BC-335 Interphone Box, P/O RC-34
BC-337 Transmitter
BC-338 Transmitter, P/O SCR-240
BC-339* Transmitter, 4-26.5 MHz AM/FSK, 1KW, FTR Co.; TM 11-836, 1946.  Also used as driver for BC-340
BC-340* Amplifier, 4-27 MHz, 10 KW, U/W BC-339, AN/FRA-2, RA-22 rectifier,  RU-2 water cooler; TM 11-801, 1950
BC-341* Beacon Receiver, P/O RC-39A; to 08-10-89, 1942
BC-342* Receiver, 1.5-18 MHz, 115 V version of BC-312 using internal  RA-20 rectifier, P/O SCR-197, SCR-277, SCR-299, SCR-399SCR-499, AN/MRC-1, MRQ-2, TRQ-1; developed into R-336/GRC-26
BC-343 Antenna Tuning Unit
BC-344* Receiver, 0.15-1.5 MHz, 115-V version of BC-314, TM 11-850
BC-345 Control Box
BC-346 Receiver
BC-347* Interphone Amplifier, one 6F8, P/O RC-34, -35, -36, -51
BC-348* Air and Ground Receiver, 0.2-0.5 & 1.5-18 MHz, P/O "BC348 Picture" SCR-260, SCR-287, AN/ARR-11, AN/ARC-8.  "A" through "R" models; many makers; TM 11-692
BC-349 Transmitter, P/O SCR-260
BC-351 Control Box
BC-352 Receiver, P/O SCR-261
BC-353 Transmitter, P/O SCR-261
BC-354 Compass-Locator Monitor, one 6H6, P/O RC-25
BC-355 Marker-Beacon Monitor, one 6H6, P/O RC-25
BC-356* Monitor Unit, four tubes, P/O RC-25
BC-357* Beacon Receiver, 62-80 MHz, 12C8 and 12SQ7 tubes, P/O RC-43
BC-359 Receiver
BC-360 Audio Amplifier
BC-361 Interphone Control Box
BC-362 Interphone Control Box
BC-363 Switch Box
BC-364 Loudspeaker
BC-365* Transmitter, 0.155-0.55 MHz, 350 W CW/FSK, FTR Co.; TM 11-828, 1944.  Also used as driver for Bunnell six-kilowatt amplifier.
BC-366* Control Box, P/O RC-36 interphone
BC-367 Interphone Amplifier, 12 V, P/O RC-38, -53, -61, -99; TM 11-702
BC-368 Control Box (commander & radio operator), P/O RC-38
BC-369 Control Box (driver), P/O RC-38, and -61 tank interphones
BC-370 Jack Box (driver & gunner), P/O RC-38 and -61 tank interphones
BC-371 Transmitter
BC-372 Transmitter
BC-373 Receiver, P/O SSCR-246 LF DF system
BC-374 Control Box
BC-375* Transmitter, 0.2-0.5 and 1.5-12.5 MHz, 100 W, P/O SCR-287.  28-v version of BC-375
BC-376* Test Oscillator, 5 MHz, U/W BE-67 indicator, P/O IE-76,1942
BC-377 Interphone Amplifier
BC-378 Jack Box, P/O RC-53 tank interphone; TM 11-700, 1942
BC-379 Jack Box (gunner), P/O RC-53 and -61 tank interphones
BC-382 Frequency Meter
BC-383 Radio Compass Receiver, P/O SCR-276
BC-384 Jack Box
BC-385 Jack Box
BC-386 Control Box
BC-387 Control Box
BC-388 Interphone Amplifier
BC-389 Modulator
BC-390 Selector Unit
BC-391 Test Unit
BC-392 Transmitter
BC-393 Transmitter
BC-394 Receiver
BC-395 Receiver
BC-396        Modulator
BC-397 Control Box
BC-398 Control Box, P/O SCR-283
BC-399 Antenna Relay, P/O SCR-283
BC 400-BC 698 | BC 700-BC 1099 | BC 1100-BC 1421

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