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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |


BC 400-698

BC-400*   Transmitter, P/O      
BC-401*   Transmitter, 2-18 MHz, 400 W AM-CW, U/W RA-30, RM-11 
BC-402* Keying Unit, P/O SCR-270, SCR-271 radars       
BC-403*   Oscilloscope, 5BP1 and 5BP4 CRTs, P/O SCR-270, SCR-271 radars                                                     
BC-404* Receiver, 105 MHz, P/O SCR-270, SCR-271 radars
BC-405*  Transmitter, 105 MHz, P/O SCR-270, SCR-271 radars 
BC-406*   Receiver, 200-210 MHz, P/O SCR-268
BC-407*    Transmitter, 205 MHz, ring oscillator with eight 100TS tubes, P/O SCR-268 radar
BC-407A    Like BC-407, using 16 100TS tubes for 100-kW peak output
BC-*-408 Antenna Relay, P/O SCR-283 
BC-409   Keying Unit, 304TL tubes, P/O SCR-268
BC-410  Radio Compass Unit 
BC-411   Control Box  
BC-412*    Oscilloscope, 5BP4 CRT, P/O SCR-268  
BC-413   Radio Compass Unit,  P/O SCR-273              
BC-414   Control Box                                                
BC-416  Frequency Control Box  
BC-418*    Relay Unit      
BC-419    Test Unit            
BC-420*   Transmitter         
BC-422   Control Box (radio operator), P/O RC-53 and -61; TM 11-700, 1942  
BC-423*    Modulator, five tubes, P/O SCR-268; TM-11-2636 
BC-424*    Modulator, five tubes,  P/O SCR-270, SCR-271 radars  
BC-426  Loop Director 
BC-427   Radio Compass Unit 
BC-428 Control Box    
BC-*-429   Receiver, 28-V version of BC-229, P/O SCR-283  
BC-*-430  Transmitter, 28-V version of BC-230, P/O SCR-283; TM 11-200 
BC-431   Radio Compass Unit, P/O SCR-280      
BC-432*     Control Box 
BC-433   Receiver, Aircraft Radio Compass, 0.2-1.75 MHz, P/O SCR-269
BC-434*  Control Box, U/W ,BC-433 receiver 
BC-435   Modulator, two 250tls & eight 340tls, P/O SCR-268, SCR-516   
BC-436  Range Unit, P/O SCR-268 radar 
BC-437  Converter, P/O SCR-268 radar 
BC-438  Frequency Meter, 190-215 MHz, Link Mfg. Co., P/O SCR-268SCR-516 
BC-439  Frequency Meter, 100-120 MHz, 115 V, P/O SCR-270, SCR-271  
BC-440   Control Box
BC-445  Transmitter, used RM-45 for remote control
BC-446*  A-N Radio-Range Transmitter, 0.2-04 MHz, 100 W 
BC-447* Transmitter, 2-13.4 MHz, 300 W CW/FSK, FTR Co.; TM 11-827, 1944 
BC-448   Jack Box (driver & gunner), P/O RC-53 interphone; TM 11-700 
BC-449 Control Box (commander), P/O RC-53 tank interphone; TM 11-700 
BC-450*  Control Box, for three receivers, P/O SCR-274N  
BC-451*    Control Box, for up to four transmitters, P/O SCR-274N
BC-452*  Transmitter, 1.5-7 MHz, 300 W AM, two-channel
BC-453*  Receiver, 0.19-0.55 MHz (like R-23/ARC-5), P/O SCR-274N 
BC-454*  Receiver, 3-6 MHz (like R-26/ARC-5), P/O SCR-274N 
BC-455*  Transmitter, used RM-45 for remote control 
BC-446* A-N Radio-Range Transmitter, 0.2-0.4 MHz, 100 W
BC-447*    Transmitter, 2-13.4 MHz, 300 W CW/FSK, FTR Co.; TM 11-827, 1944
BC-448  Jack Box (driver & gunner), P/O RC-53 interphone; TM 11-700
BC-449    Control Box (commander), P/O RC-53 tank interphone; TM 11-700 
BC-450*   Control Box, for three receivers, P/O SCR-274N
BC-451*     Control Box, for up to four transmitters, P/O SCR-274N  
BC-452*   Transmitter, 1.5-7 MHz, 300 W AM, two-channel 
BC-453*  Receiver, 0.19-0.55 MHz (like R-23/ARC-5), P/O SCR-274N 
BC-454*    Receiver, 3-6 MHz (like R-26/ARC-5), P/O SCR-274N 
BC-455*   Receiver, 6-9 MHz (like R-27/ARC-5), P/O SCR-274N 
BC-456*  Modulator, screen, using FT-225 shock mount, P/O SCR-274N 
BC-457* Transmitter, 4-5.3 MHz (like T-20/ARC-5), P/O SCR-274N 
BC-458*  Transmitter, 5.3-7 MHz (like T-21/ARC-5), P/O SCR-274N 
BC-459*  Transmitter, 2-18 MHz, 250/200 W, U/W RM-20; TM 11-812. Later models same as Navy TDO  
BC-461  Control Box, for trailing antenna, P/O SCR-274N 
BC-462 Control Box, for BC-463, P/O RC-56, AN/TRW-1
BC-463*  Target-Control Transmitter, 67-74 MHz, 20 W, 5 tones, P/O RC-56, AN/TRW-1  
BC-464*  Target-Control Receiver, 68-73 MHz, P/O RC-57 
BC-465  Antenna Reel Control Box
BC-466* Control Box
BC-467*  Transmitter, 0.2-0.4 MHz, P/O SCR-277 radio range
BC-468* Goniometric, for SCR-277
BC-469*  Antenna Tuning Unit
BC-470*  DF Receiver & Loop Rotator, 0.2-18 MHz, P/O SCR-206  
BC-471  Transmitter  
BC-472  Modulator
BC-473* Control Box (one receiver), using FT-235 mount, P/O SCR-274N
BC-474  Receiver-Transmitter, portable, 2.3-6.5 MHz AM-CW, 6V6 final, P/O SCR-288; TM 11-250, -4006      
BC-475   Transmitter 
BC-476   Recorder    
BC-477  Receiver  
BC-478     Receiver Control Box
BC-479   Meteor graph Unit
BC-480  Meteor graph Unit 
BC-481 Receiver
BC-482   Receiver
BC-483      Receiver
BC-484   Transmitter Control Box 
BC-485   Receiver 
BC-486 Receiver control Box
BC-487     Transmitter  
BC-488 Transmitter Control Box
BC-489   Receiver 
BC-490              Transmitter 
BC-491           Target Controller, P/O RC-64 Remote Control  
BC-492       Receiver
BC-493           Transmitter, P/O RC-65 Remote Control 
BC-494           Control Box
BC-495            Test Unit 
BC-496           Control Box (two receivers), using FT-20 mount, P/O SCR-293
BC-497           Range Unit, P/O SCR-516 radar
BC-498            Transmitter
BC-499*          Receiver, 20-28 MHz, FM, P/O SCR-293 
BC-500*           Receiver-Transmitter, 20-28 MHz FM, 25 W, P/O SCR-293 
BC-601           Receiver & Transmitter
BC-602*          Control Box, Channel Selector, P/O SCR-293 
BC-603*          Receiver, 20-28 MHz FM, 12-24 V, P/O SCR-508, SCR-528, SCR-538
BC-604*               Transmitter, 20-28 MHz FM, 30W, 12-24 V, 1624 final, WE Co. and FTR, P/O SCR-508, SCR-528, SCR-538; TM 11-4034      
BC-605*              Interphone Amplifier, P/O SCR-508, SCR-528, SCR-538, SCR-608, SCR-628, SCR-638, SCR-808, SCR-828   
BC-606* Control Box, P/O RC-53 and -99 tank interphones; TM 11-700
BC-607           Remote Control Indicator
BC-608*            Timer, Mechanical, "pseudo-IFF set" British keyer for SCR-274N transmitter        
BC-609             Keyer  
BC-610*                     Transmitter, 2-18 MHz, 400W CW, 300 W AM, developed from Hallicrafters HT-4, P/O SCR-299, SCR-399, SCR-499; TM 11-813, -826             
BC-611*  Transceiver, handy-talkie, 3.5-6 MHz P/O SCR-536; TM 11-235. Also see BC-721    
BC-612             Modified BC-412 oscilloscope, P/O SCR-516      
BC-613             Antenna Reel Control Box                  
BC-614*         Amplifier, Speech, P/O SCR-299, SCR-399, SCR-499; TM 11-5054     
BC-615           Relay Box
BC-616           Relay Junction Box
BC-617*          Receiver and Selector, 30-40 MHz FM, P/O RC-64 target controller 
BC-618           Receiver, 200 MHz, P/O SCR-516 radar
BC-619           Antenna Tuner, for BC-441, P/O SCR-516 radar
BC-620*          Receiver-Transmitter, 20-28 MHz FM, P/O SCR-509, SCR-510      
BC-622         Relay Unit       
BC-623           Modulator, P/O SCR-516 radar 
BC-624*        Receiver, 100-156 MHz, four-channel, P/O SCR-522, SCR-542, SCR-574, SCR-575, SCR-624, AN/CRC-2 radio sets 
BC-625*          Transmitter, 100-156 MHz, four-channel, 15W AM, 832 final, P/O SCR-522, SCR-542, SCR-574, SCR-575, SCR-624 radio sets 
BC-625-AM        Transmitter, P/O AN/CRC-2 radio set
BC-626           Control Box
BC-627              Control Unit 
BC-682           Transmitter  
BC-629*          Jack Box (pilot), P/O SCR-522 and SCR-542 radio sets  
BC-630*          Jack Box (crew interphone), P/O SCR-522 and SCR-542 radio sets 
BC-631*         Jack Box (crew), P/O SCR-522 and SCR-542 radio sets 
BC-632           Keying Unit
BC-633           Oscilloscope
BC-634           Oscilloscope 
BC-635           Receiver
BC-637           Range Unit, Radar  
BC-638           Frequency Meter, 100-156 MHz, U/W/ BC-639, SCR-522, SCR-542, SCR-547, SCR-624; AN 08-40BC638-2, 1944 
BC-639*          Receiver, rack-mounted, 100-156 MHz, P/O SCR-563, SCR-564, SCR-565, SCR-574, SCR-575, SCR-633, SCR-644, SCR-645, AN/CRC-2 
BC-640*          Transmitter, rack-mounted, 100-156 MHz, 40 W AM, P/O SCR-562, SCR-573, SCR-643; AN 08-40BC640-2, 1943 
BC-641*          Amplifier 
BC-642           Transmitter, 4-20 MHz, 3KW AM-CW, 10 preset channels 
BC-643            Modulator, U/Q BC-642                
BC-644            Transformer and Contractor, U/W BC-642
BC-645*          IFF Set, 435-500 MHz, 316A in xmtr, P/O SCR-515, like Navy ABA
BC-646*           Control Box, U/W BC-645
BC-647*          Transmitter, one 2C34 tube
BC-648*           Control Box, P/O SCR-535
BC-649           Impact Switch Box (see BC-706); AN 08-5-50, 11-42
BC-650*          Receiver
BC-651           Oscillator
BC-652           Receiver, 2-6 MHz (like Navy RAX), 12-24 V, P/O SCR-506 
BC-653            Transmitter, 2-4.5 MHz, 100 W CW, 50 W AM, two 814 finals, 12-24 V, P/O SCR-506
BC-654*          Receiver-Transmitter, 3.8-5.8 MHz, 25 W, 307A finals, P/O SCR-284
BC-655           Transmitter, Target, portable, 17.5-158 MHz, dry-battery power, P/O RC-93, SCR-555, SCR-575; TM 11-4050
BC-656           Receiver
BC-657           Transmitter
BC-658           Control Box, for BC-652 & BC-653, P/O SCR-506
BC-659*          Transceiver, 27-39 MHz, 2 W FM, P/O SCR-609, SCR-610, AN/CRN-10
BC-660           Indicator
BC-661           Oscillator
BC-662              Oscilloscope
BC-663           Receiver, Mark  IV long range IFF set, P/O SCR-533
BC-664           Transmitter
BC-665           Oscilloscope, 5BP4 CRT, P/O SCR-533
BC-666           Generator and Keying Unit, P/O SCR-533
BC-667           Interphone Amplifier (see BC-367), P/O RC-38 and RC-39; TM 11-702
BC-668           Modulator 
BC-699*          Receiver-Transmitter, 1.65-4.45 MHz, 45W, AM-CW, 807 finals, P/O SCR-543; TM 11-624
BC-670*          Remote Control Box, for RA-38, U/W SCR-268; TM 11-1053, 1944
BC-671           Receiver Output Box, P/O test equipment RC-68 for SCR-268
BC-672*          AC Outlet Box, P/O RC-68, for SCR-268
BC-673           Test Unit
BC-674           Radar Range Unit
BC-675           Radar Range Unit 
BC-676           Receiver 
BC-677           Transmitter; TM 11-1060, 1943 
BC-678           Jack Box, P/O RC-53; TM 11-700
BC-679           Keying Unit 
BC-680           Receiver and Oscilloscope Unit
BC-681           Transmitter
BC-682           Oscilloscope
BC-683*          Receiver, 27-39 MHz version of BC-603, P/O SCR-608, SCR-628
BC-684*          Transmitter, 27-39 MHz version of BC-604; P/O SCR-608, SCR-628; TM 11-628, -859, -4037
BC-685*          Relay Unit, P/O SCR-574 net control system
BC-686*          Remote Control & Line Amp, P/O SCR-561, SCR-572, SCR-574, SCR-575, SCR-642, SCR-644, SCR-645 network control systems
BC-687*          Relay Unit, P/O SCR-645 DF system; AN 08-40BC687-2, 1944   
BC-688           Receiver, 515 MHz, P/O SCR-518 radar altimeter
BC-689           Transmitter, 515 MHz, P/O SCR-518 radar altimeter
BC-690           Control Box, P/O SCR-518 radar altimeter
BC-691           Radar Training Device, P/O RC-111
BC-692           Interphone Amplifier
BC-693           Receiver
BC-694           Receiver
BC-695           VHF Receiver, a W.E. Co. prototype evolving into the BC-942 and then the R-28/ARC-5 
BC-696*          Transmitter, 3-4 MHz, 30W, P/O SCR-274
BC-697           Transmitter
BC-698 Transmitter
BC 1-BC 399   BC 700-BC 1099    BC 1100-BC 1421   

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