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BC 700-1099

BC-700           Receiver-Transmitter, P/O SCR-521
BC-701*          Transmitter, P/O SCR-521 radar
BC-702*          Transmitter, P/O SCR-521 radar
BC-703*          Control Panel for BC-702*
BC-704           Indicator, 5BP1 & 5FP7 CRTs, P/O SCR-521, TRS-1
BC-705           Manual self-destruction Switch, P/O SCR-515 IFF set
BC-706*         Impact Switch, for automatic demolition of SCR-515 IFF set
BC-707           Jack Box  
BC-708           Test Unit 
BC-709*          Interphone Amplifier, 3S4 tube & internal batteries, P/O RC-73
BC-710           Control Box
BC-711           Control Box
BC-712           Antenna Relay Unit 
BC-713           Test Unit, P/O I-100
BC-714           Test Unit, P/O I-100
BC-715          Test Unit 
BC-716          Receiver, P/O SCR-296 700-MHz coastal-defense fire-control radar
BC-717           Transmitter, P/O SCR-296 radar  
BC-718        Oscilloscope, 3AP1 CPT, P/O SCR-296 radar      
BC-719 Oscilloscope, 5HP1 CRT, P/O SCR-296 radar    
BC-720           Modulator, P/O SCR-296 radar
BC-721           Transceiver, "handy-talkie," P/O SCR-585. Also see BC-611
BC-722           Control Box
BC-723           Range Unit, P/O SCR-296 radar 
BC-724           Power Drive, P/O SCR-296 radar  
BC-725           Calibrator, P/O SCR-296 radar; TM 11-1048, 1942 
BC-726           Calibrator, P/O SCR-296 radar; TM 11-1128, 1943
BC-727           Self-Destruction Indicator,  P/O SCR-515 IFF set 
BC-728*          Receiver, 2-5 MHz, 4 push-button channels, P/O SCR-593
BC-729*          Antenna Tuning Unit (like TN-339/GR), U/W BC-610 xmtr
BC-730*          Audio Limiting Amplifier, U/W BC-329 & T-4/FRC, later designated AM-864/U
BC-731*          Control Box, for 115-V motor, has AC voltmeter and fuses
BC-732*          Control Box, for BC-733 and AN/ARN-5 receivers, P/O RC-103
BC-733*          Localizer Receiver, 108.3-110.3 MHz, crystal-controlled, 14-28 V, WE Co., Crosley, et al., for RC-103 blind landing system. U/W I-101 indicator. R/B R-57/ARN-5 and R-89/ARN-5A
BC-734           Control Box
BC-735           Control Box
BC-736           "Interference Reducer," 6 tubes, U/W BC-403
BC-737           Microphone Amplifier
BC-738*         Transmitter
BC-739           Interphone Control Box, P/O RC-99
BC-740           Receiver & Transmitter, 10 cm, P/O SCR-520 radar
BC-741           Indicator, P/O SCR-520 radar
BC-742           Pilot's Indicator, P/O SCR-520 radar
BC-743           Synchronizer, P/O SCR-520 radar
BC-744           Control Box
BC-745           Transceiver, 2-6 MHz, P/O SCR-511 field radio
BC-746*          Tuning Unit, U/W BC-745, P/O SCR-511
BC-747           Transmitter
BC-748          Modulator
BC-749           Receiver
BC-750           Indicator
BC-751           Transmitter, P/O AN/CRN-3
BC-752           Modulator and Bridge
BC-753           Course Detector Receiver, P/O AN/CRN-3
BC-754           Course Detector Receiver, P/O AN/CRN-3
BC-755           Field Intensity Meter
BC-756*          Control Box
BC-757           Control Unit
BC-758           Keying Unit, P/O SCR-270 radar
BC-759           Control Box, P/O SCR-279 radar
BC-760           Oscilloscope, P/O SCR-270 radar
BC-761           Signal Generator, P/OI-109,IE-55
BC-762           Oscilloscope
BC-763           Test Set
BC-764           Receiver
BC-765          Impact Switch Box, for automatic demolition of SCR-695 IFF set
BC-766           Oscilloscope
BC-767           Detonator Warning Unit, two red lamps, P/O SCR-695 IFF set
BC-768       Receiver, 493.5 MHz, P/O RC-100 IFF set  
BC-769           Transmitter, P/O RC-100 IFF set
BC-770           Keying Unit, P/O RC-100 IFF set                            
BC-771           Frequency meter
BC-772           Control Box                                                                    
BC-773           Control Box       
BC-774           Control Box 
BC-775 Oscilloscope                                               
BC-776*          Oscilloscope                 
BC-777           Indicator Box, P/O AN/CRW-3 
BC-778*         Transmitter, life-raft ("Gibson Girl"), 0.5 MHz, P/O SCR-578 (later T-74A/CRT-3a with 8.364 MHz added). Equiv. of Navy TCY
BC-779A  Receiver, 0.54-31 MHz, Hammarlund Super Pro; TM 11-866, 1943                                                      
BC-779B          Receiver, 1.2-40 MHz version of BC-779A
BC-780           Pulse Indicator, P/O SCR-270, -271 radars
BC-781           Indicator, P/O SCR-517 radars
BC-782           Relay Box
BC-783           Amplifier
BC-784          Amplifier
BC-785           Transmitter, 109 MHz, P/O SCR-270 radar; TM 11-1570
BC-786           Oscilloscope
BC-787* Receiver, Hallicrafters S-27/S-36, 28-143 MHz; TM 11-867, 1953
BC-788*          Transceiver, 420-450 MHz, 6J6 xmtr, P/O SCR-718 radar altimeter
BC-789           Control Box
BC-790 Radar Training Device, P/O RC-110                          
BC-791           Recorder, Code, using inked paper tape
BC-792           Receiver, DF, 0.1-65 MHz, 50 W, P/O SCR-641; TM 11-650     
BC-793           Radar Synchronizer
BC-794*          Receiver, 0.15-0.4 and 2.5-20 MHz version of BC-779A, P/O SCR-244; TM 11-866
BC-795        Transmitter                                         
BC-796           Keying Unit   
BC-797*          Transmitter, 100-156 MHz, 50 W, P/O SCR-641; TM 11-650   
BC-798           Receiver                                                
BC-799           Oscilloscope
BC-800*        Radar Beacon ("Rebecca"), P/O SCR-729, AN/APN-2, RC-192  
BC-800A          Transmitter-Receiver, IFF Training Device, P/O RC-192
BC-901          Transmitter, P/O AN/CRN-11, AN/GRN-1                       
BC-902*          Transmitter, P/O RC-115 and SCR-241 navigation-aid system  
BC-903           Receiver, 0.55-30 MHz, National NC-100A, P/O SCR-255 DF set                                                        
BC-904             Transmitter, P/O SCR-255 DF set; TM 11-861    
BC-905*          Range Calibrator, P/O IE-13
BC-906*          Frequency Meter, IFF, 145-235 MHz, absorption-type, P/O IE-13, -46, -48, -50, -56; U/W BC-1066 and I-196 gen. TM 11-2623, 1944
BC-907           Antenna Tuning Unit                                   
BC-908*          Amplifier, Facsimile, P/O RC-58                            
BC-909           Control Box                                             
BC-910           S-Band Radar Test Set, P/O IE-30                           
BC-911           Switch Box                                                 
BC-912        Keying Unit, P/O SCR-582 radar                             
BC-913           Switch Box                                                 
BC-914*          Test Unit
BC-915           Control Box                                            
BC-916           RF Unit                                                    
BC-917           Oscilloscope
BC-918* Facsimile Recorder/Scanner, 12 VDC, U/W MC-308B writing stand, P/O RC-58 
BC-919           Control Box                                              
BC-920           S-Band Radar Test Set, P/O IE-30                           
BC-921           Transfer Selector                                          
BC-922           Modulator, P/O SCR-582 radar                               
BC-923           Switch Box                                                 
BC-924           Transmitter, 27-39 MHz, FM, 12-24 V, 815 final, P/O SCR-808,828                                           
BC-925*          Modulator and Transmitter                                  
BC-926           Amplifier, P/O SCR-582 radar                               
BC-927           Antenna Relay Unit 
BC-929*          Radar Oscilloscope, 3BP1 CRT, P/O SCR-729, AN/APN-2Y 200-MHz beacon homing sets; R/B ID-169B/APN-12
BC-930           Test Set                                                   
BC-931           B-Scope Indicator, 5FP7 CRT, P/O SCR-517 radar            
BC-932           Indicator Amplifier for BC-931, P/O SCR-517 radar          
BC-933           Transmitter                                                                                   
BC-934           Training Unit                                              
BC-935           Relay Box                                                  
BC-936*          Indicator, P/O AN/APN-2, IE-36, IE-56                      
BC-937           PPI Indicator, 14-V ("voltage regulator" in TB SIG 5-1)    
BC-938           A-Scope, U/W BC-937    
BC-939           Antenna Tuner, U/W T-368*/URT in AN/GRC-26; TM 11-809      
BC-940           Control Unit
BC-941           Range Unit, P/O SCR-547 radar
BC-942           Receiver, 100-156 MHz, P/O SCR-274N, WE Co., predecessor of R-28/ARC-5 
BC-943           Control Box                                                
BC-944*          Control Box                                                
BC-945           Indicator Box                                             
BC-946*          Receiver, 0.52-1.5 mhZ, p/o SCR-274n                       
BC-947           Transmitter, 10cm, 1Kw, WE Co., P/O SCR-547 radar          
BC-948           Receiver                                                                                              
BC-949           Range Calibrator, P/O IE-56; TO 33A1-10-4-2                
BC-950*          Transmitter, predecessor of T-23/ARC-5, WE Co., P/O SCR-274N
BC-951           Filter Unit                                                
BC-952           Receiver, P/O SCR-582 radar                                
BC-953           Training Unit, P/O SCR-582 radar                           
BC-954           Oscilloscope, P/O SCR-582 radar                            
BC-955           Control Unit, P/O SCR-517 radar                 
BC-956           Oscilloscope, P/O SCR-582 radar                            
BC-957           Receiver-Indicator, 5HP3 CRT, P/O SCR-547 radar            
BC-958*          Power Control Box, P/O SCR-695 IFF set; TM 11-1062, 1944   
BC-959           Antenna Tuning Unit                                        
BC-960           Control Box                                                
BC-961           Antenna Switching Unit, P/O SCR-521 radar                  
BC-962           Switch Box                                                 
BC-963           Receiver                                                   
BC-964           Transmitter, P/O SCR-274N?
BC-965*          Control Box (selector), P/O SCR-695 IFF set
BC-966*          Transponder, 160-211 MHz (four 7193s; 3 units in B025), P/O SCR-695 IFF
BC-967           Receiver, 18-156 MHz, P/O SCR-613                         
BC-968           Training Device for SCR-268, -270, -271 radar        
BC-969*          Receiver, 0.015-0.15 MHz, P/O SCR-614; TM 11-873, 1943
BC-970           Transmitter                                               
BC-971           Receiver                                                   
BC-972           Control Box
BC-973*          Receiver, DF, 1-3 MHZ, P/O SCR-503; TM 11-246              
BC-974           Receiver                                                   
BC-975           Indicator Box                                              
BC-976*          Receiver, 2-20 MHz P/O SCR-551
BC-977           Receiver, radar search, 38-3300 MHz, P/O SCR-587
BC-978         Target Transmitter, P/O SCR-551; TM 11-4004  
BC-979           Antenna Control Unit 
BC-980           Antenna Receiver, radar                                   
BC-981           Antenna Receiver, P/O SCR-527 ,-627 radars                 
BC-982           Transmitter, FTR Co. P/O SCR-527 ,-627 radars
BC-983           Modulator, P/O SCR-527                                   
BC-984           Modulator,  P/O SCR-584, -784 radars
BC-985         Keyer, P/O SCR-527 ,-627 radars                          
BC-986*          A-Scope, P/O SCR-270, -271, -627 radars                    
BC-987           PPI Indicator, 12DP7 CRT, P/O SCR-527 ,-627 radars 
BC-988          Calibrator, P/O SCR-270, -271, SCR-527, -627 radars           
BC-989           Oscillator,  P/O SCR-527, -627 radars                      
BC-990           Relay Unit 
BC-991*          Oscilloscope, P/O SCR-551                                 
BC-992           Indicator, 3EP1 CRT, P/O SCR-517 radar       
BC-993           Synchronizer, 3EP1 CPT, P/O SCR-517 radar
BC-994           Control Box                                                
BC-995           Servo Amplifier, P/O SCR-517 radar                         
BC-996           Interphone Amplifier                                      
BC-997           Receiver                                                   
BC-998           Receiver and Selector                                      
BC-999           Modulator and Transmitter
BC-1000     Transceiver, back-pack or mobile, 40-48 MHz FM, P/O SCR-300 AN/VRC-3; TM 11-637 
BC-1001*         Receiver                                                   
BC-1002          Analyzer 
BC-1003*         Receiver, DF, 0.1-1.0 MHz, P/O SCR-503; TM 11-246          
BC-1004*         Receiver, Hammarlund Super-Pro, P/O SCR-244; TM 11-866     
BC-1005          Receiver, DF, 18-145 MHz, P/O SCR-555; TM 11-251           
BC-1006          Receiver, DF, 65-156 MHz, P/O SCR-556; TM 11-255
BC-1007*         Modulator, P/O SCR-717 radar                              
BC-1008          Control Box                                                
BC-1009          Control Box                                                
BC-1010          Receiver                                                   
BC-1011*         Control Unit                                               
BC-1012*         Control Unit                                               
BC-1013          Control Unit                                               
BC-1014          Transmitter                                                
BC-1015          Range Indicator, Radar
BC-1016          Recorder, Code, using inked paper tape; TM 11-411         
BC-1017          Transmitter, Radar Jamming (later T-26/APT-2), P/O RC-156  
BC-1018          Receiver                                                   
BC-1019          Interphone Amplifier                                       
BC-1020          Receiver & Transmitter                                     
BC-1021          Oscilloscope                                               
BC-1022          Control Unit
BC-1023          Marker-Beacon Receiver, 75 MHz, three tubes, P/O RC-193; AN 08-10-150. Also see BC-1033
BC-1024      Frequency Reducer (converter?)                             
BC-1025          Receiver & Transmitter                                     
BC-1026          Relay Box                                                  
BC-1027          Oscilloscope                                               
BC-1028       Transmitter                                                
BC-1029          Receiver & Transmitter                                     
BC-1030          Transmitter
BC-1031*         Panoramic Adapter,  P/O TC-8 DF set; TM 11-446, 1944
BC-1032*         Panoramic Adapter, for receivers with 5.25-MHz IF, P/O SCR-607; TM 11-446, 1944
BC-1033*         Marker-Beacon Receiver, 75 MHz, P/O RC-193; AN 08-10-57. Also see BC-1023
BC-1034          Control Unit                                               
BC-1035          Oscilloscope, 5CP1 CRT, P/O SCR-545 radar                  
BC-1036          Control Unit                                               
BC-1037          Transmitter                                                
BC-1038          Receiver                                                   
BC-1039          Transmitter 
BC-1040          Receiver & Transmitter, P/O SCR-520 radar                  
BC-1041          Indicator, 5FP7 CRT, P/O SCR-520 radar                     
BC-1043          Synchronizer, P/O SCR-520 radar                            
BC-1044          Control Box, P/O SCR-520 radar                             
BC-1045          Synchronizer, P/O SCR-520 radar
BC-1046          Relay Box                                                
BC-1047*         Control Unit                                               
BC-1048          CRT Deflection Unit                                        
BC-1049*         Control Unit                                              
BC-1050          Control Unit 
BC-1052*         Test Set multimeter, P/O SCR-299, -399, -499; 1943         
BC-1053          Range Unit, P/O SCR-545 radar                              
BC-1054          Control Box, P/O SCR-545 radar                             
BC-1055          Receiver, P/O SCR-545 radar                                
BC-1056*         Receiver, P/O SCR-545 radar                                
BC-1057          Receiver,  P/O SCR-545 radar                               
BC-1058*         PPI Indicator,, P/O SCR-584, -784 radars                   
BC-1059          Control Unit, P/O SCR- 545 radar 
BC-1060*    Oscilloscope, 3GP1 CRT, P/O RC-283 IFF SET; TM 11-22526,1944                                       
BC-1061          Control Unit                                               
BC-1062*         Range Computer, P/O SCR-584, -784 radars                   
BC-1063          Control Unit                                               
BC-1064          Receiver & Transmitter, P/O SCR-621, RC-201                
BC-1065          Control Unit
BC-1066*   Receiver, G- & I-band IFF test, P/O IE-46, -56, U/W BC-906, I-196
BC-1067*         Control Unit. off. 150-200 MHz, 1Kw, p/o RC-145 
BC-1068          Receiver, IFF, 175-200 MHz, U/W SCR-268, TM 11-1117. Similar to Navy BN receiver
BC-1069          Amplifier, IFF, P/O SCR-545 radar                          
BC-1070*   Training Device (later AN/UPS-T2) for SCR-268, -270, -271 radars                                                     
BC-1071          Amplifier, Range Indicator,  P/O SCR-784 radar             
BC-1072          Transmitter, IFF, 155-185 MHz, 115 V, two 826s             
BC-1073*         Wavemeter, 150-210 MHz, U/W BC-1068
BC-1074*         Remote Video Amplifier, P/O SCR-584, SCR-784, radars    
BC-1075*         Altitude Data Unit, P/O SCR-584, SCR-784 radars               
BC-1076*         Antenna Position Indicator, P/O SCR-584, SCR-784 radars       
BC-1077*         Signal Generator, P/O IE-57. Also see BC-1277             
BC-1078*         RF Preamplifier, P/O SCR-584, SCR-784 radars                   
BC-1079          Oscillograph                                               
BC-1080*    Transmitter Driver Unit, P/O SCR-584, -784, AN/MSQ-1 radars                                                     
BC-1081          Transmitter, 212 MHz, P/O SCR-602 radar                    
BC-1082          Receiver, P/O SCR-602 radar
BC-1083          Oscilloscope, P/O SCR-602 radar                            
BC-1084          Oscilloscope, 5GP1 CRT, P/O SCR-602 radar                  
BC-1085          Antenna Control Unit, P/O SCR-584, -784 radars             
BC-1086*         Tracking Unit, P/O SCR-584, -784 radars                    
BC-1087          Oscilloscope, 3BP1 CRT, P/O IE-57, AN/APM-7. Also see BC-1287                                                    
BC-1088          Range Indicator (two 3DP1 CRTs), P/O SCR-584, -784 radars  
BC-1089          Indicator, P/O SCR-584, -784 radars
BC-1090*         Azimuth & Elevation Tracking Unit, P/O SCR-584, -784, AN/MSQ-2 radars
BC-1091*         RF Unit,  P/O SCR-717 and -720 S-band radars               
BC-1092*         PPI Display, P/O SCR-584, -784 radars                      
BC-1093          Indicator, P/O SCR-717 radar                               
BC-1094*         Altitude Converter, P/O SCR-584, -784 radars               
BC-1095          Synchronizer, P/O SCR-717 radar                            
BC-1096*         Oscillator, 2680-3300 MHz, P/O SCR-584, -784 radars        
BC-1097          Control Unit                                               
BC-1098          Coder Unit, 2AP1 CRT, P/O RC-232, SCR-621, -640 radar beacons                                                   
BC-1099          Trainer Set
BC 1-BC 399     BC 1100-BC 1421     BC 400-BC 698

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