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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |


BC 1100-1421


BC-1100    Transmitter, 1.5-10 MHz, 75/50 W, crystal control, P/O RC-263                                                     
BC-1101 Indicator, like BC-1041, P/O SCR-517 radar
BC-1102 Range Converter (same as BC-1053), P/O SCR-545 radar      
BC-1103 Control Box                                                
BC-1104 Control Unit                                               
BC-1105 Calibrator, P/O SCR-588, SCR-636 radars                       
BC-1106 Receiver, Radar
BC-1107 Radar Computer                                            
BC-1108 Control Box                                                
BC-1109 Test Oscillator                                            
BC-1110 Antenna Relay
BC-1111 Indicator, 12EP1 CRT, P/O SCR-588 radar                    
BC-1112 Monitor, P/O SCR-588 radar                                 
BC-1113 Control Unit, P/O SCR-597 transmitter
BC-1115 Receiver                                                                                      
BC-1116          Transmitter                                                
BC-1117          Transmitter                                                
BC-1118          Receiver                                                   
BC-1119          Control Unit
BC-1120          Control Unit
BC-1121          Receiver, P/O SCR-588 radar                            
BC-1122          Amplifier, P/O SCR-588 radar                               
BC-1123          Amplifier, P/O SCR-588 radar                               
BC-1124          Oscillator, P/O SCR-588 radar                             
BC-1125          Oscillator, P/O SCR-588 radar                              
BC-1126          RF Head Unit, P/O SCR-588 radar                            
BC-1127          Transmitter, P/O SCR-588 radar                             
BC-1128          Control Box, P/O SCR-588 radar                             
BC-1129          Modulator, P/O SCR-588 radar
BC-1130          Crystal Mixer, P/O SCR-584, SCR-784 radars                    
BC-1131          Modulator, P/O SCR-584, SCR-784 radars                        
BC-1132          T-R Box, P/O SCR-584, SCR-784 radars                          
BC-1133          Transmitter, P/O SCR-584, SCR-784 radars                      
BC-1134          Switching Unit, P/O SCR-597 transmitter                    
BC-1135          Indicator, 12DP7 CRT, P/O SCR-597 2-20 MHz transmitter
BC-1136*         Receiver & Transmitter                                   
BC-1137*         Receiver                                                  
BC-1138          Grid Control Unit                                          
BC-1139          Relay Unit, P/O SCR-597, SCR-636                              
BC-1140*         Control Box
BC-1141*         Amplifier, P/O SCR-625 mine detector                       
BC-1142          Modulator, P/O SCR-717, SCR-720 radars                        
BC-1143          Radio Compass Unit
BC-1144          Control Box                                                
BC-1145          Control Unit, P/O SCR-729 IFF set                          
BC-1146          Antenna Coupling Unit                                      
BC-1147*                Receiver, DF, 1.5-30 MHz, P/O SCR-502; TM 11-256   
BC-1148*         Synchronizer, P/O SCR-717 S-band radars                    
BC-1149*         Target Transmitter, 2-10 MHz; TM 11-849-4040             
BC-1150*         Control Box, P/O SCR-717, SCR-720 radars
BC-1151          Operator's Indicator, two 5FP7 CRTs, P/O SCR-717, SCR-720 radars                                                     
BC-1152          Pilot's Indicator, 3HP7 CRT, P/O SCR-720 radar             
BC-1153*         Indicator, two 5FP7 CRTs, P/O SCR-717 radar
BC-1154          Modulator                                                  
BC-1155*        Synchronizer, P/O SCR-717 radar                            
BC-1156*         Control Box, for AZON glide bomb                           
BC-1158*         Modulator & Transmitter, 53-95 MHz, 50 W, P/O RC-186       
BC-1159          Bearing Indicator, 5BP1 CRT; TM 11-243                     
BC-1160          IFF Transmitter, 157-187 MHz, 1 KW pulse output            
BC-1161          IFF Receiver, 150-200 MHz, U/W BC-1072; TM 11-1117         
BC-1162          Wavemeter and Control Box, U/W BC-1161
BC-1163          Control Box                                              
BC-1164          Control Box                                                
BC-1165          Control Box                                                
BC-1166          Calibrator
BC-1167          Amplifier, P/O IE-57, AN/APM-3 airborne-radap                                                
BC-1168          Sound-Ranging Radio Link                                   
BC-1169          Receiver & amp; Transmitter, P/O RC-232                         
BC-1170          Interference Reducer                                       
BC-1171          Control Box, P/O SCR-624 radio. Also see BC-1314          
BC-1172          Receiver 
BC-1173          Oscilloscope                                             
BC-1174          Indicator                                                  
BC-1175          Control Box, P/O SCR-522-type radios                       
BC-1176          Control Box, P/O SCR-522-type radios                       
BC-1177          Trainer                                                    
BC-1178          Trainer                                                    
BC-1179         Receiver                                                  
BC-1180          Frequency Meter
BC-1181          Recorder                                                   
BC-1182*  Receiver, P/O SCR-722                                      
BC-1183          Control Box                                                
BC-1184          Oscilloscope, 5CP1 CRT, P/O RC-252                         
BC-1185          Receiver & Selector                                        
BC-1186          Transmitter, P/O SCR-636                                   
BC-1187          Modulator                                                  
BC-1188          Antenna Switch, P/O SCR-636                                
BC-1189          Control Box                                                
BC-1190          Receiver
BC-1191          Transmitter                                              
BC-1192          Transmitter                                                
BC-1193          CRT Indicator Control Unit, P/O SCR-682 radar and IFF set  
BC-1194          Modulator, P/O SCR-682 10-cm radar; TM 11-1561             
BC-1195          Discriminator
BC-1196          Indicator                                                 
BC-1197          Computer, Radar                                            
BC-1198          Control Unit                                              
BC-1199          Control Unit                                              
BC-1200          Capacitor Unit                                             
BC-1201          Diode Probe Coupling Head, P/O IE-45                       
BC-1202          Diode Probe Coupling Head, P/O IE-45
BC-1203*         Amplifier-Modulator, LORAN, P/O IE-45, for  testing AN/APN-4                                                   
BC-1204          Adapter, for training use of BC-642 control boxes of RC-56 remote control                                       
BC-1205          Steering Indicator
BC-1206*         Beacon Receiver, 0.2-0.42 MHz,  and B+, Setchell-Carlson Model 524 7 Indicator Box                                              
BC-1208          Oscillator                                                 
BC-1209          Receiver & Transmitter
BC-1210          Control Box                                              
BC-1211 -T1, T2  Airborne TV Camera, 1884 iconscope, 14-V, includes 100-MHz transmitter with 892 final; P/O SCR-549 TV system  
BC-1211 -T4      Airborne TV Camera, 1846 iconoscope, 28-V,  U/W BC-1212 transmitter, P/O SCR-549 TV system                         
BC-1212*         Transmitter, 260-320 MHz, 28 V, 8025 final P/O SCR-549    
BC-1213 -T1, T2  Receiver-monitor, TV, airborne, 14 V, 100 MHz, P/O SCR-550                                                    
BC-1214          Monitor Unit, 7" CRT, P/O SCR-550 receiver for airborne TV. -T1 and -T2 models used 14 V; T3,           
BC-1215          Calibrator
BC-1216          Compensation Unit                                          
BC-1217          Control Box                                                
BC-1218          Modulator                                                  
BC-1219          RF Unit                                                    
BC-1120          Indicator Unit                                             
BC-1221          Modulator
BC-1222          Antenna Drive                                             
BC-1223          Receiver, P/O SCR-682 radar; TM 11-1561                    
BC-1224          Transmitter, P/O SCR-682 radar                             
BC-1225*       Receiver, Radar, 90-120 MHz, P/O SCR-270SCR-271, R/B BC-1310                                                   
BC-1226          Control Unit                                              
BC-1227         Oscilloscope, P/O SCR-627 radar                            
BC-1228          Switch Box                                                 
BC-1229          Adapter Box                                                
BC-1230          Control Box
BC-1231          Oscillator                                                
BC-1232*         Receiver, Radar, 90-120 MHz, P/O SCR-270SCR-271, R/B BC-1310                                                    
BC-1233          Oscilloscope; TM 11-1066, 1944                             
BC-1234          Oscilloscope                                               
BC-1235          Signal Generator                                           
BC-1236          Signal Generator                                          
BC-1237          Transmitter, Radar Jamming, P/O RC-183                     
BC-1238          Control Box
BC-1239          Receiver-Indicator, 12DP7 & 12DPS CRTs, P/O  SCR-270SCR-271  
BC-1240          Transmitter                                                
BC-1241*         RF Unit, P/O SCR-615A radar; TM 11-1541                    
BC-1242*         Modulator, P/O SCR-615A                                    
BC-1243          Local Oscillator, one 417A klystron, P/O SCR-615A radar    
BC-1244          A-and R-Scopes, P/O SCR-615A                              
BC-1246*         Receiver, P/O SCR-615A
BC-1247*         Preamplifier, three 6AC7s, P/O SCR-615A  radar              
BC-1248          PPI Control Unit, P/O SCR-615A                             
BC-1249          Altitude Indicator, P/O SCR-615A radar; TM 11-151          
BC-1250          Error Unit,  P/O SCR-615-T1 radar trainer                 
BC-1251          Synchronizer, P/O SCR-615A radar                           
BC-1252*         Console, P/O SCR-615A radar                                
BC-1253          Transmitter, Radiosonde, 397 MHz                           
BC-1254          Test Unit
BC-1255          Heterodyne Test Receiver, 75-150 MHz, P/O RC-183           
BC-1256          Antenna Control                                            
BC-1257          Control Box                                                
BC-1258*         Amplifier                                                  
BC-1259          Oscilloscope                                               
BC-1260          Receiver 
BC-1261          Control Unit                                               
BC-1262*         Monitoring Unit                                            
BC-1263          Switching Unit                                             
BC-1264*         Control Cabinet                                            
BC-1265          Control Box
BC-1266          Control Unit & Monitor, 5CP1 CRT, U/S I-22A, P/O RC-145A   
BC-1267          Receiver-Transmitter, 157-187 MHz, two 2D26S in transmitter, 1KW peak, Belmont Radio, for RC-127, -145,-184, -184, -188, -350 IFF sets; U/W I-221 indicator
BC-1268         Control Unit, 5CP1 CRT, P/O RC-184                         
BC-1269          Monitoring Receiver, 145-600 MHz AM-FM  (later R-593/GRR), P/O SCR-615 
BC-1270          Discriminator, P/O SCR-270, SCR-271 radars                 
BC-1271          Receiver, 100-156 MHz, P/O SCR-641; TM 11-650              
BC-1272          Control Box                                                
BC-1273          Relay Unit                                                 
BC-1274          Relay Unit                                                 
BC-1275          Beacon Simulator                                          
BC-1276            RF Unit, X-Band, WE Co., P/O SCR-667 and AN/APQ-13      
BC-1277          Signal Generator (IE-57B), like BC-1077 
BC-1276          RF Unit, X-Band, WE Co., P/O SCR-667 and AN/APQ-13         
BC-1277          Signal Generator (IE-57B), like BC-1077                    
BC-1278          Control Box                                                
BC-1279*         Short-Gate Control Unit, P/O SCR-615A radar                
BC-1280          Signal Generator & Oscilloscope                           
BC-1281          Receiver
BC-1282*         Data Transmitter                                           
BC-1283*         Data Receiver                                              
BC-1284          Preamplifier, Lighthouse Tube, for BC-1269, P/O SCR-616    
BC-1285*         Antenna Control Unit 
BC-1286          Control Unit                                              
BC-1287          Oscilloscope, 3BP1 CRT, P/O IE-57, AN/APM-37 radar test set                                                        
BC-1288          Frequency Meter
BC-1289          Preamplifier                                               
BC-1290          Tone Generator                                             
BC-1291          Motor Control Box                                          
BC-1292          Amplifier & Record Player, P/O Public Address Set PA-5     
BC-1293*         Control Unit, 5CP1 CRT, P/O RC-127 & -350 IFF sets         
BC-1294          Modulator
BC-1295          Error Indicator Oscilloscope                               
BC-1296          Control Unit                                               
BC-1297          Data Transmitter                                           
BC-1298          Interconnector                                             
BC-1299          RF Amplifier                                               
BC-1300          Interphone Amplifier                                       
BC-1301          Remote Control Unit                                        
BC-1302          Control Unit
BC-1303          Control Unit, P/O IE-36, for testing SCR-522             
BC-1304          Oscillator                                                 
BC-1305          Resonance Tuner                                            
BC-1306          Receiver-transmitter, 2.8-6.5 MHz CW-AM, P/O SCR-694; TM 11-694, -2603, -2300, -4009 
Control Box                                                
BC-1309          Impulse Control Unit                                       
BC-1311*         Amplifier, P/O AN/TRC-9                                    
BC-1312          Control Box                                                
BC-1313          Control Box                                                
BC-1314          Control Box (improved BC-1171), P/O SCR-270, SCR-271 radars   
BC-1315          Master Console, P/O RC-270 radar trainer                   
BC-1316          Console                                                   
BC-1317          Receiver,  P/O RC-270 radar trainer, U/W BC-1315, 1943     
BC-1318          Receiver                                                   
BC-1319          Control Unit
BC-1320          Master Cathode Follower                                   
BC-1321          Voltage Regulator                                          
BC-1322          Amplifier                                                  
BC-1323*         Recorder, P/O Sound Locating Set GR-6-A; TM 11-2552, 1951  
BC-1324          Discriminator                                              
BC-1325          Discriminator                                              
BC-1326         Sector Scan Unit, Radar                                   
BC-1327          Modulator                                                 
BC-1328          Changing Transformer Unit                                  
BC-1329          Transformer Unit                                           
BC-1330          Data Plotter
BC-1331          Range Data Transmitter                                     
BC-1332          Transmitter                                              
BC-1333          Receiver                                                   
BC-1334          Amplifier                                                  
BC-1335         Transceiver, 27-38.9 MHz FM,F3 emission and reception;11/2 W output 120 channels, 2 preselected P/O SCR-619 used as vehicular, field or man-pack 6 or 12v D.C. oper power; TM 11-879, 1945    
BC-1337          Recorder (Teledeltos paper), P/O Sound Ranging Set GR-8; TM 11-2568                                                 
BC-1338          Bearing Indicator 
BC-1339          Discriminator Kit                                          
BC-1340          Discriminator Kit                                          
BC-1341          Hand Control Unit                                          
BC-1342          Control Box                                                
BC-1343          Discriminator                                              
BC-1344          Discriminator Kit                                          
BC-1345          Receiver & Transmitter
BC-1352          Preamplifier                                               
BC-1353          Console                                                    
BC-1354          Console                                                    
BC-1355          Azimuth-Elevation Indicator                                
BC-1356          Indicator Unit                                             
BC-1357          Antenna Position Control                                   
BC-1358          Receiver
BC-1359          Range Indicator Oscilloscope                               
BC-1360          Console                                                    
BC-1361          Interphone Control Box, for tank, P/O  RC-298; TM 11-702; 1949                                                       
BC-1362          Interphone Box, External, for tanks, using  H-22 handset, P/O RC-298; TM 11-703                                      
BC-1363          Remote Indicator                                           
BC-1364          Receiver-Indicator, Radiosonde, 392-413 MHz  FM; TM 11-1158                                                    
BC-1366*         Jack Box, for aircraft receivers & transmitters
BC-1367          Control Box                                                
BC-1368          Control Unit                                               
BC-1369          Interphone Box                                             
BC-1370          Indicator Control Unit                                     
BC-1371          Range Indicator                                            
BC-1372          Range Indicator                                            
BC-1372          Range Tracking Unit                                        
BC-1373          Transmitter, P/O SCR-784 radar
BC-1374          Oscillator, 2000 MHz, P/O SCR-784 radar                    
BC-1375          Discriminator                                              
BC-1376          Control Box                                                
BC-1377          Receiver
BC-1378          CRT Display, P/O SCR-784, RC-384 157-187 MHz IFF Set       
BC-1379          Receiver                                                   
BC-1380          Transmitter                                                
BC-1381          Discriminator                                              
BC-1382          Receiver-Transmitter                                       
BC-1383          Control Rack Unit                                          
BC-1384          Servo Amplifier
BC-1385          Signal Monitor, U/W BC-779 receiver                                  
BC-1386          Receiver-Indicator-Synchronizer, radar   
BC-1387          Coupling Unit                                              
BC-1388          Audio Amplifier, for phone-line testing; TM 11-2556, 1945  
BC-1389          Timing Unit
BC-1390          Radar Receiver                                             
BC-1391          Radar Receiver                                             
BC-1392          Sweep Amplifier                                            
BC-1393          RF Stabilizing Unit                                       
BC-1394          Remote Tuner Unit                                          
BC-1395          Frequency Divider                                          
BC-1396          Driver Unit 
BC-1397          Receiver-Transmitter, P/O SCR-584 (MC-607A modification)   
BC-1398          Radar Receiver, 8500-9600 MHz                              
BC-1399          Video Amplifier                                            
BC-1400          PPI Unit                                                   
BC-1401          PPI Unit, P/O SCR-584 (MC-607A modification)               
BC-1402          Control Unit
BC-1403          Range Indicator                                          
BC-1404          Flight Simulator                                           
BC-1405          Height Meter                                                
BC-1406          Range Unit                                                 
BC-1407          Sector Scan Unit                                           
BC-1408          Amplifier                                                  
BC-1409          Control Rack Unit                                         
BC-1410   Data Unit
BC-1411          Control Unit                                               
BC-1420          Frequency Meter for  BC-1421, P/O RC-256; TO AN-0810-227 BC-1421 Receiver, 100-156  MHz AM/CW, 11 tubes, Hazeltine, P/O RC-256 
BC 1-BC 399                  BC 700-BC 1099             BC 400-BC 698     

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