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Distinguished Members of the Regiment

Since Regimental activation, the Signal Regiment has had a program for recognizing people who have made a special contribution or who have distinguished themselves in service to the Regiment.

Under the provisions of Army Regulation 600-82 (The U.S. Army Regimental System), all U.S. Army Regiments are authorized to select appointees to the position of Distinguished Member of the Regiment. There are no limits on the number of Distinguished Members, and their tenure is permanent. The positions are designed to promote and enhance the history and traditions of the Regiment and foster cohesion among members of the Regiment.

Distinguished Members of the Regiment are prestigious or notable military or civilian persons who are recognized for their accomplishments. They must be current or former members of the Signal Corps Regiment. Nominees may be active, U.S. Army Reserve, Army National Guard or Signal Regiment Department of the Army civilians (active or retired status).

The designation as a Distinguished Member of the Regiment is largely ceremonial and serves to perpetuate the history and traditions of the Regiment, thereby enhancing unit morale and esprit.

The Honorary Colonel, Honorary Warrant Officer and Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment are distinguished, retired Army Signal Regiment special appointees who simultaneously become Distinguished Members of the Regiment when appointed to their honorary positions. These appointees serve a three-year tour and participate in command and award ceremonies, speaking engagements at dinings-in and other similar functions which help bridge the gap between the past and the present. When their honorary appointment term ends, they remain lifetime Distinguished Members.

Distinguished Members' biographies (alphabetical order):                                    

Mr. Vincent A. Abbatiello

LTG (Ret.) Michael W. Ackerman

CW4 (Ret.) Curley A. Avant
SGT Will Croft Barnes (Medal of Honor recipient)
CW4 (Ret.) Willie J. Battle

Mr. David Borland
Mr. Billy R. Boyd

MG (Ret.) Gerard P. Brohm
LTG (Ret.) Douglas D. Buchholz

LTC (Ret.) Edward Carnes

CSM (Ret.) Ernest Chaney
MG (Ret.) Leo M. Childs
Sen. Joseph Maxwell Cleland

CSM (Ret.) McKinley Curtis, III

LTG (Ret.) Peter M. Cuviello
LTG (Ret.) Robert J. Donahue
CW4 (Ret.) James L. Donaldson
MW4 (Ret.) Joseph L. Durbin Jr.

MAJ (Ret.) Bobby Dunn

CW4 (Ret.) James P. Eury

Mr. Victor J. Ferlise
COL (Ret.) Robert L. Forrester

CW5 Bruce Gardner

Dr. Michael L. Gentry
LTG (Ret.) Robert E. Gray
MG Adolphus W. Greely (Medal of Honor recipient)
COL (Ret.) Everett O. Greenwood

MG (Ret.) Gerd Grombacher

LTG (Ret.) Otto J. Guenther

MG (Ret.) David R. Gust

LTG (Ret.) Bruce R. Harris
CSM (Ret.) Randal R. Helton
LTG (Ret.) William J. Hilsman
Mr. John T. Holleran
COL (Ret.) Earl J. Holliman

MG (Ret.) John E. Hoover

CW5 (Ret.) Jack Hrubik
CSM (Ret.) James K. Hussey Jr.
SGM (Ret.) Clyde E. Hyde Jr.

CSM (Ret.) Charles J. Johnson
COL (Ret.) Gordon Johnston (Medal of Honor recipient)

LTG (Ret.) David J. Kelley
MG (Ret.) Charles E. Kilbourne Jr. (Medal of Honor recipient)
LTG (Ret.) Peter A. Kind
COL (Ret.) David S. Kyle
PVT Morgan D. Lane (Medal of Honor recipient)

LTG (Ret.) Vaughn O. Lang
COL (Ret.) Scott Long
LTG (Ret.) Alfred J. Mallette
CSM (Ret.) Timothy M. McCarthy
LTG (Ret.) Clarence E. McKnight
CSM (Ret.) Cecil B. Miles

CW5 (Ret.) Bernard Milloy

COL (Ret.) Lamar H. Murphy Jr.
LTG (Ret.) Charles R. Myer
LTG (Ret.) John T. Myers

MG (Ret.) Robert L. Nabors

COL (Ret.) Tommy T. Osborne

CW5 Robert Pace
LTG (Ret.) Emmett Paige Jr.

Ms. Elizabeth J. Patten

CSM (Ret.) Larry Paylor
COL (Ret.) Robert M. Reich

MG (Ret.) Eugene C. Renzi
LTG (Ret.) Thomas M.M. Rienzi
Dr. Robert H. Rines
LTG (Ret.) Thurman D. Rodgers

MG (Ret.) Alan B. Salisbury
Dr. Paul J. Scheips
LTG (Ret.) Alonzo E. Short Jr.

CSM (Ret.) Kermit D. Short
CSM (Ret.) Samuel M. Smith
COL (Ret.) Robert S. Snead

MG (Ret.) Charles G. Sutten Jr.
LTG (Ret.) Billy M. Thomas

Mr. John R. Turns
COL (Ret.) C. Lee Vannes

COL (Ret.) Jerry Van Patten

MG (Ret.) Thomas A. Wessels

COL (Ret.) Eddie D. Wheelock
MG (Ret.) David E. White

CW4 (Ret.) Jack C. Wilson

CSM (Ret.) Aurelious A. Winter
CW4 (Ret.) Paul A. Zeisman
COL (Ret.) Craig L. Zimmerman



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April 04, 2012

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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |
This is an offical U.S. Army Site |