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Mr. John T. Holleran (1999)

Mr. John Holleran could be considered father of the Signal School at Fort Gordon, Ga. For 10 years he was project coordinator for construction at the new Signal Center, Fort Gordon, for permanent academic facilities; then was project coordinator for the Signal School’s transfer and a member of the advance party from Fort Monmouth, N.J., who activated the Signal School at Fort Gordon.

His long service to the Signal Regiment includes assistant instructor, instructor, phase chief, section chief and course chief in the basic-electronics department and carrier-repair courses at Fort Monmouth. He also served as a communications specialist for a special study group in the office of the Chief Signal Officer; assistant chief of the office of plans and operations at the Signal Training Center; and plans officer, requirements officer and chief of the Resident Training Management Division. At Fort Gordon he became deputy director of training and doctrine, retiring from that position in 1988.

He also retired from the U.S. Army Reserve after more than 23 years of active and reserve service.

His awards and decorations include the Distinguished Civilian Service Award and the Signal Corps Regimental Association’s Brevet Colonel Award.

Mr. Holleran was inducted as a Distinguished Member of the Signal Regiment in 1999.

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John "Tommy" Holleran
Holleran at his Distinguished Member induction ceremony, 1999.

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April 04, 2012

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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |
This is an offical U.S. Army Site |