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Chief of Signal Regimental Awards Program

The Chief of Signal Regimental Awards program is designed to foster esprit de corps and contribute to the Signal Regiment's cohesiveness. This is done, in part, through recognizing the exceptional performance of individuals who merit special commendation from the Chief of Signal.

Awards may be approved by the Chief of Signal based on personal observations or upon an individual's written recommendation. Eligible recipients include personnel, both military and civilian, worldwide.

There are six types of awards/recognition: Regimental Impact, Signal Regiment Certificate of Achievement, the Chief of Signal Plaque, the Signal Regiment Fellowship Award, Honorary Members of the Regiment and Distinguished Members of the Regiment.

Regimental Impact awards are unique mementos presented by the Chief of Signal as "on-the-spot" recognition for outstanding performance or achievement.

The Certificate of Achievement (Fort Gordon Form 6723-1) is used to recognize outstanding achievements relative to the Signal Regiment's mission. The certificate recognizes achievements of a lesser degree than required for the Chief of Signal Plaque or Signal Regiment Fellowship Award.

The Chief of Signal Plaque is awarded to deserving individuals based on recommendations from commanders and supervisors citing outstanding achievement or recognition for special projects relevant to the Signal Regiment's mission. The Chief of Signal Plaque is not to be used as an ETS, PCS, retirement or any other official army award.

The Fellowship Award is designed to recognize people not affiliated with the Regiment. The requirements are the same as the Chief of Signal Plaque only the award isn't normally presented to Signal personnel.

The Honorary Member of the Regiment program is designed to recognize soldiers and other individuals who have made a contribution or provided a service to the Regiment, but who are not members of the Regiment. Appropriate recognition is made of active and retired military, Defense Department civilians and other people deemed worthy by the Chief of Signal.

There are no duties associated with this appointment; however, Honorary Members are encouraged to participate in Regimental functions.

Individuals who have been recognized as Signal Regiment Honorary Members include foreign allied exchange/liaison officers and noncommissioned officers who have been assigned for duty at the Signal Center, non-Signal Regiment soldiers, and service members of our sister armed forces.

Distinguished Members of the Regiment are prestigious or notable military or civilian persons who are recognized for their accomplishments. They must be current or former members of the Signal Corps Regiment. Nominees may be active, U.S. Army Reserve, Army National Guard or Signal Regiment Department of the Army civilians (active or retired status).

The designation as a Distinguished Member of the Regiment is largely ceremonial and serves to perpetuate the history and traditions of the Regiment, thereby enhancing unit morale and esprit.

Since Regimental activation, the Signal Regiment has had a program for recognizing people who have made a special contribution or who have distinguished themselves in service to the Regiment. Under the provisions of Army Regulation 600-82 (The U.S. Army Regimental System), all U.S. Army Regiments are authorized to select appointees to the position of Distinguished Member of the Regiment.

There are no limits on the number of Distinguished Members, and their tenure is permanent. The positions are designed to promote and enhance the history and traditions of the Regiment and foster cohesion among members of the Regiment.

The Honorary Colonel, Honorary Warrant Officer and Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment are distinguished, retired Army Signal Regiment special appointees who simultaneously become Distinguished Members of the Regiment when appointed to their honorary positions. These appointees serve a three-year tour and participate in command and award ceremonies, speaking engagements at dinings-in and other similar functions which help bridge the gap between the past and the present. When their honorary appointment term ends, they remain lifetime Distinguished Members.

Distinguished Member Bios      Alphabetical Order         Chronological Order

Criteria and nomination submission procedures

Commanders desiring to recommend an individual for the Signal Regiment Certificate of Achievement, Chief of Signal Plaque, or Regimental Fellowship award will prepare a recommendation for award (DA Form 638) with a proposed citation subject to the following limitations:

Certificate of Achievement: no more than nine double-spaced lines
Chief of Signal Plaque: no more than 15 words, including individual's name
Regimental Fellowship Plaque: no more than 15 words, including individual's name

Recommendation must include a double-spaced narrative (not to exceed one page) describing the individual's achievements. The forwarding memorandum must certify that military personnel are not pending adverse action under AR 600-31. Recommendations will be forwarded through command channels to the Office Chief of Signal, ATTN: ATZH-POM, Fort Gordon, Ga. 30905-5300. Recommendations should be submitted not less than four weeks prior to the presentation to ensure adequate processing and mailing time.

Regimental awards should be presented to the individuals in an appropriate awards ceremony.

Administration of the program, to include awards accountability, is executed by the Special Projects Officer, Regimental Division, Office Chief of Signal.

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Last modified on:
April 04, 2012

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This is an offical U.S. Army Site |
This is an offical U.S. Army Site |