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Finding articles in Army Communicator

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There are two ways, besides via the consolidated subject list to access Army Communicator articles. One way is through the table of contents for an on-line edition; the commemorative World War II (1995) issue and editions for the years 2000-2013 are provided in their entirety on-line.

The other method of accessing articles is through our "most requested" list. We have printed editions back to the magazine's inaugural edition, Winter 1976. Individual articles receiving several requests for reproduction will become part of the "most requested" list and will be posted on-line in HTML or other Web format. (See the following guidelines on requesting an article from a magazine published pre-2000. And please check if the article is on the "most requested" list before requesting a photocopy.)

Requesting an article from an edition not on-line

It is possible to obtain an article from a printed edition not on-line. You're welcome to search our consolidated subject list for articles in the printed back issues, and if there's an article you need for professional-development reasons (such as soldier training, reference for a research paper, background for an Army Communicator article), you may request it from the archival printed editions we have here in the editorial office. (Again, please be sure to check first and see if the article you're interested in is on the most-requested list.)

Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the article's title, author and edition (volume and issue number) it was published in, and we'll be glad to search for it. (Please give us as much lead time as you can.) Also provide your mailing address so we can photocopy the article and mail it to you.

Volume and issue numbers

We mentioned above that part of the information we need in searching for an article in our archives is the volume and issue numbers. Printed editions of magazines are usually published and referenced with volume and issue numbers. For Army Communicator, the volume number indicates the year an edition was published. The issue number is its sequence in the publication year. Volume and issue numbers are listed with an article's title and author(s) when we publish our yearly consolidated index.

For more information on AC volume and issue numbers, check the accompanying explanation file