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Chief of Signal Message

Thanks to a great Signaleer

MG LaWarren Patterson


LTG Susan S. Lawrence recently retired after 41 years of military service. During her career, she held the ranks of private and three-star general and was the first woman to be the Army Chief Information Officer/G6.

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By Terry Dawkins and Derrick Smith

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Capability Manager for Global Network Enterprise leaders are engaged with many Regimental partners to develop both an authoritative NetOps Concept of Operations and a NetOps Reference Architecture in a rapidly changing environment.

NETOPS between the Enterprise and the deployed environment is a key element in the integration of the Army's Network 2020 into the Joint Information Environment.

According to Joint Publication 6-0 Joint Communications System, NetOps is defined as "activities conducted to operate and defend the Department of Defense Information Network" formerly known as the Global Information Grid. Subsequently, within the Army those same activities enable operational, organizational, and technical capabilities for operating and defending the LandWarNet, the Army's contribution to DoDIN.

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1st Cyber Network Defender specialists graduate

By Wilson A. Rivera

Fifteen Soldiers made history when they were awarded the newest Army military occupational specialty, 25D, cyber network defender, during a graduation ceremony 27 Nov 2013 held in Alexander Hall at Fort Gordon, Ga.

Soldiers completed a 14-week course, dubbed as rigorous for its curriculum, to learn the skills needed to meet the demand for cyber warfare.

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Active shooter architecture approach offfers joint operations protection

By LTC Phillip G. Burns

A proposed Logical Active Shooter architecture can form the operational basis to secure critical information systems from malicious access in joint operation environments.

Everyone involved with cyber operations knows that America and our allies face continually escalating cyber threats to national interests. Unfortunately the pool of security professionals who are able to operate effectively in cyberspace is not very deep.

This lack of sufficient numbers of trained cyber defense professionals is the weakest link in the current network defense chain.

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Think. Write. Publish

By MAJ Joe Byerly

Junior to mid-grade leaders, both officers and NCOs, do a lot of thinking!

These leaders constantly develop innovative solutions for problems, ranging from the simple to extremely complex, during combat deployments, training exercises, and garrison activities.

These solutions or ideas are worth hearing about, however many of these young leaders remain professionally silent.

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Vol38 No 4: Army Communicator Winter 2013

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