Collaborative Simulation Environment

One of the critical functions executed by the U.S. Army’s Experimentation Division Network Battle Laboratory Facility is the operations of the Experimentation Division Collaborative Simulation Environment – Network Operations & Security Center (BLCSE - NOSC).

thumb soldier radioUnder this effort, the Experimentation Division's  electrical engineering and computer scientist staff members execute all network operations, hardware/software support and information security functions for an interactive SECRET–High network. This wide area network connects all ten (10) U.S. Army battle laboratories as well as eight (8 ) other DoD research and development facilities. Therefore, facilitating management of the interactive data flow between several DoD sites while also providing routing expertise to optimize integration of advanced modeling and simulation tools. BLCSE is the backbone which allows combat and material developers to collaborate and validate innovative Warfighting Concepts and Technologies. The BLCSE accomplishes the following critical sub-functions:


  • Enables collaboration, routine virtual teaming (voice, voice over internet protocol, VTC, whiteboard & the TRADOC Knowledge Network (TKN);
  • Enables distributed Modeling and Simulation (M&S) by linking Warfighting simulations and experiment events;
  • Provides a gateway to technology base (CECOM, SPAWAR, ROME Lab, etc) & industry research partners;
  • Provides an environment to support the integration of communication capabilities embedded with combined arms capabilities across the U.S. Army and Joint Service operations, optimized for Future Concept Development by enhancing the validation and refinement of U.S. Army requirements documentation.

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