Functional Area 53 Information Systems Management

"Information Systems Management (FA 53) is a FA of the Signal Regiment within the operations support functional category. Computer systems, computer networks, and associated information services are all elements of the IT infrastructure that comprise cyberspace. Information systems management officers are essential to providing and defending the Army’s portion of cyberspace (LandWarNet) and enabling effects in and through the cyberspace domain. FA 53 provides the Army with a corps of highly skilled computer and information systems management professionals, who plan, coordinate, direct, manage and lead Soldiers and organizations that provide information services and network security at every level of operation. They plan and manage the integration of diverse forms of enterprise services such as directory services, database management, configuration management, email, Web-based applications, and portals into seamless information environments that enable knowledge management and decision superiority for commanders and leaders. Information systems management officers operate enterprise-wide together with Signal Operations (BR 25) and Telecommunication Systems Engineering (FA 24) officers, Signal warrant officers and Signal Soldiers to provide the communications networks and information services necessary for full spectrum operations in an Army JIIM environment."  (DA Pam 600-3)

Why Become an FA53FA53 AssignmentsFA53 Training

Demanding, Dynamic Career Field

• Challenging assignments at the tactical, operational and strategic levels
• The Army’s premier experts to manage enterprise information systems and services, and implement cybersecurity measures to protect information on the Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) in support of mission command.

Career Flexibility

• All FA53 positions are Key Development (KD)
• Assignment Diversity
• Broadening Opportunities (TWI/ACS)

Personal Benefits

• Highly marketable skills and certifications
• Leadership and technical skill development
• Up to 15 credits towards master's degree at universities such as Syracuse University.

All FA 53 positions are key developmental (KD) with opportunities at  all levels:


• Division
• Corps


• Regional Cyber Centers


• Joint, Multi-national
• Research and Development
• Professor (USMA, AFIT)

The Information Systems Manager Course (ISMC) is 30 weeks long at Fort Gordon, GA.  The course provides training to equip the students with the skills necessary for the tasks they are expected to perform at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.


ISMC teaches students how to install, operate, maintain, secure and defend computer systems and local area networks at all organization levels to include multinational, joint and service agencies.  Completion of the ISMC provides 15 graduate credits accepted by Syracuse University, and Webster University towards Master’s Degrees in Information Systems Management.


FAQEligibilityHow to Apply
What is a Functional Area?
A Functional Area is a grouping of officers by technical specialty due to the unique education, training and experience required for their field. The Signal Corps contains both FA24 Telecommunications Systems Engineering officer and FA53 Information Systems Management officer Functional Areas. FA53s comprise approximately 12% of officers within the Signal Corps

What is the difference between FA24, FA53, 25A and 17A officers?
FA53 officers focus on enabling mission command through management of information systems and services. Signal officers (25A) command, lead and manage Signal Soldiers and organizations conducting network operations. Cyber officers (17A) conduct defensive and offensive cyber operations to protect the DoDIN.

   Officer must have an undergraduate or graduate degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) or request a STEM waiver

   • If officers do not possess one of the required STEM degrees, they can request a waiver.  Waiver reqeusts must be supported by GRE results within the past 5 years with quantitative score greater than 153.  Officers unable to obtain a GRE may request an exception based upon demonstrated previous experience and Information Technology certifications such as Network+, CompTIA Server+, Security+, Cisco CCNA, CISCO CCNP, Microsoft or ITIL

   • Must be 1LT (P), CPT, CPT (P), or MAJ with less than 14 years AFCS.

   • Must be Army Competitive Category Officer

   • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret (TS) Security Clearance

   • Year group eligibility based on in/out call matrix in applicable MILPER message

Application information can be found on the HRC Officers Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP) website.
   • Candidates must complete and submit the applications packet consisting of:
   • DA Form 4187
   • Memorandum for Record stating reason for request
   • Transcripts
   • Copy of IT certifications (if any)

FA53 Career Program Manager (OCOS)
Commercial(706) 791-6305

FA 53 Assignments Officer (HRC)
Commercial(502) 613-6664
FA53 Proponent Office (CAC Required)
FA53 HRC Website (CAC Required)