Holiday Block Leave

Holiday Block Leave

To the parents of the 369 Warrior Battalion Soldiers

      For those parents who will be driving to FT Gordon to pick up your “Soldier” for Holiday Block Leave, we want to welcome you to FT Gordon!  Please do NOT plan on picking up your Soldier prior to 0600 on 20 December 2012.  The parking lots, and battalion area will not be cleared prior to this time due to ongoing block leave support operations.  Additionally, please read the Vehicle Pick-up Instructions carefully, as each company (B, C, D, E) will conduct pick up operations in their respective buildings, so you must know what company (B, C, D, E) your Soldiers is in, prior to arrival at FT Gordon. 

  For Additional information, please see the company information sites.

  We wish you all a safe trip and Happy Holidays!

  - LTC Louis R. Manning & CSM Sean T. Fallon 

Vehicle Pick-up Instructions

Driving Directions

Driving Directions 1
Driving Directions 2
Driving Directions 3




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