25B AIT - Course Map

Information Technology Specialist (25B)

The 25B(Information Technology Specialist) course is a 19 week 4 day course encompassing the following topics:

  • A+ (72 Hrs)
  • CCNA 1 (80 Hrs)
  • CCNA 2 (80 Hrs)
  • Microsoft Vista (24 Hrs)
  • Server 2008 (32 Hrs)
  • 2007 Exchange (24 Hrs)
  • SOLARIS w/CMD Line (32 Hrs)
  • SOLARIS Admin (32 Hrs)
  • VOIP (24 Hrs)
  • AIS (24 Hrs)
  • Security+ (74 Hrs)
  • CPN (68 hrs)
  • TIMS (40 HRS)
  • BCCS (32 HRS)
  • M3 (Matrix Management Module) (72 Hrs)
  • CAPSTONE (38 Hrs)
  • FTX (53.4 hrs)




15th Regimental Signal Brigade
Building 29603, Barnes Ave
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
Battalion CQ 706-791-8314
DSN number (706) 791-8314
Email Addresses:
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