25B AIT - Phases

Phase IV (weeks 1 - 4 of AIT)

Phase IV begins with the first week of AIT and ends when the Soldier demonstrates proficiency to move up in phase. The first opportunity to phase-up will be provided at 15 days with subsequent opportunities provided weekly thereafter. Phase IV badges will be given immediately upon the Soldiers arrival using the Phase Badge format (see Encl 1). During Phase IV, Signal Soldiers will undergo Re-integration training for the first two weeks of their Core Competency training.

Soldiers entering Re-Integration training. The standard duty uniform for Phase IV Soldiers is ACUs, White Phase Badge, and the pistol belt with canteen. Soldiers will remain in duty uniform unless sleeping, conducting PT, participating in unit sports, or conducting designated work details.

Patrol cap will be worn at all times when in duty uniform and is authorized in a tactical setting, while carrying a weapon or when assigned to a work detail.

Use, possession or purchase of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited during Phase IV, except as religious sacrament.

In order for an MOS-I Soldier to move from Phase IV to Phase V privileges the Soldier must pass Knowledge Exam, recite the Soldier’s Creed, sing their branch song, and pass Class A, Wall Locker, and Room Inspections. Additionally, Soldiers must demonstrate proper discipline, pass all academic requirements, and pass their APFT with 60 points in each event.

Phase V (no earlier than week 3 through 10 of AIT)

Phase V is characterized by reinforcement training on common skills, training and evaluation of MOS skills (Core Competencies) in a leadership environment that mirrors an operational unit.

MOS-I and Holdover Soldiers that have been at AIT for at least 10 weeks, meet all Phase V requirements, maintain proper discipline and academic standards will be granted Phase V+ privileges. Company Commander may fast track a Soldier that shows potential by exceeding the standards, these situations are the exception and not the rule.

Phase V MOS-I Soldiers have the following privileges/limitations:

Duty uniform is ACUs and Yellow Phase Badge (see paragraph 7). Soldiers may use hydration source but must be AR 670-1 approved camel back or pistol belt with canteen.

Soldiers are authorized to wear civilian clothes.

Phase V Soldiers are authorized both on-post and off-post pass privileges IAW Paragraph 17 of this Policy Letter. Company Commanders can authorize extended weekend off-post pass privileges to Phase V Soldiers. All off-post passes are subject to unit recall.

For extended holiday weekends, Company Commanders may authorize Phase V MOS-I Soldiers extended overnight pass privileges. Soldiers will not be authorized to travel further than 250 miles via POV.

Soldiers are authorized to ride in a POV or rental car without Company Commander approval.

Alcohol consumption by MOS-I Soldiers 21 years of age (minimum drinking age) or older is authorized on weekends and holidays. Soldiers may not consume alcohol within 8 hours of duty. Soldiers of legal drinking age may consume alcoholic beverages in off post establishments and inside the confines of the bar area of any given establishment. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages in the barracks or within the 15th Signal Brigade area of operations is strictly forbidden except as religious sacrament in the Chapel areas. Use of tobacco products is only authorized in designated smoking areas.

Married Soldiers in Phase V with PCS orders to Fort Gordon or Fort Meade may be authorized to live off-post or in GMH managed post housing, if spouse and/or children are in the immediate area, and upon approval from their Battalion Commander. They are authorized weekday off-post passes during non-duty hours if there is no additional training scheduled or tasks to be performed and need not be accompanied by a battle buddy while on such pass. They do not require a pass form and may depart at any hour after signing out with the CQ. They are dismissed after completion of training until the first recall formation the next duty/training day. Once a Phase V Soldier has been granted authorization to live off-post or in GMH managed post housing, only the Battalion or Brigade Commander is authorized to revoke this privilege. Once off-post packet is approved, Soldiers may also be granted POV privileges upon approval of their Battalion Commander.

Phase V Soldiers are allowed to use personal linen on their beds in accordance with policies established throughout each battalion.

Phase V+ (weeks 11 through end of AIT)

Phase V+ begins at week 11 of AIT and continues through a Soldier’s completion/graduation from AIT. During Phase V+, Commanders have the discretion to grant MOS-I Soldiers privileges similar to permanent party Soldiers.

Phase V+ MOS-I Soldiers have the following privileges/limitations.

Soldiers are granted all of the Phase V privileges described above.

Company Commanders may authorize the use of rental cars. Company Commanders may authorize Soldiers to purchase, register, and/or possess a privately owned vehicle (POV) once Soldiers complete 21 weeks of training. Battalion Commanders may authorize Soldiers with Families to operate POVs prior to 21 weeks.

Duty uniform is ACUs with Orange/Crimson Phase Badge (see paragraph 11). Soldiers may use hydration source but must be AR 670-1 approved camel back or pistol belt with canteen.

Company Commanders can authorize Phase V+ MOS-I Soldiers extended weekend overnight pass privileges. Soldiers will not be authorized to travel further than 250 miles via POV.




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