Course Description


Prepare qualified Captains and Majors, designated Functional Area 24, for technically demanding assignments that require expertise in the engineering, validating, monitoring, and restoration of telecommunications networks that integrate Army, Joint, and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf transmission, switching, encryption, and network management systems and equipment.


Students are given the educational foundation and hands-on experience that enable them to design, troubleshoot, and perform systems acceptance tests for DOD telecommunications networks. The course is taught at the graduate level, using guest professors from partner universities and DOD technical experts.
                  Students will gain the working knowledge of telecommunications systems models, data communications, communication protocols, cryptography and network security, and network design and management.

Students will master layers one through three of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model and develop a working knowledge of layers four through seven.

Students will demonstrate their mastery of course objectives during a "Capstone" research project. During the Capstone, students will hypothesize and test a solution to an existing telecommunication problem, design a telecommunications sub-network that integrates Commercial-Off-The-Shelf, tactical systems, or present a telecommunication systems overview of an existing tactical or strategic network.

Students will receive approximately 400 hours of conference and 300 hours of hands-on exercises and independent study. Module topics are discussed in great depth. Students are expected to complete comprehensive written and hands-on examinations as well as written research reports, homework assignments, and computer simulations for each module. Students that graduate will have the requisite skills to engineer, validate, monitor, and restore Army, Joint, and COTS telecommunications systems and equipment.

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